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Posted by robtest | Mar 30, 2010 @ 06:48 PM | 2,484 Views
Well, looking thru Craigslist, I saw a $65 Parkzone Spitfire with a Common Sense E8-S10 (480 size) with a Castle Creations Thunderbird 36amp ESC. The motor and esc are worth the $65, so I wrote the guy and happened to be the first to respond. I went over to Kennesaw last night and picked it up. Brought it home, stuck a spektrum 6100e receiver in it, and converted the ESC to that silly long red 4mm connector that the Turnigy batteries come with. Pre-flight was good, had to reverse the ailerons and subtrim them a bit to get them to line up with the wing.

After looking at the specs online, I talked with the fellow I bought it from. He confirmed that it would do about 70 mph. He had done some testing with a 30c battery and watt meter said it was ~300 watts on 24-27 amps...
I went out to the field today, and flew a couple flights with the Trojan T-28. About the same wind we had on Saturday, 15mph gusting to 20-25mph. I decided to give the new bird a try. Walked out into the grass across the runway, throttled up to 2/3 and it pretty much took off right out of my hand! Pulled it up to tree top level, trimmed the ailerons a bit to even it out, seemed a bit tail heavy, so trimmed that out and was cooking along. Damn this bird is fast... Zooming around the field...

So after 3 minutes, I upped the throttle a bit more, cooking down the field from left to right with a nice tail wind, got down to the right end, started a left turn, and riped the wing right off... Snapped that carbon fiber rod right in half. OOOOPPPPSSSS... Nose piled right into the ground, burying the motor about 3 inches deep... Not quite sure what happened, but 60+ mph speed and 20-25mph wind didn't seem to mix very well.