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Posted by m0nkey | Feb 20, 2010 @ 10:28 AM | 3,556 Views
After mucking about on the sim (Aerofly pro deluxe) I decided that I wanted an aerobatic plane to try out some of the stuff I had been trying to learn.

A friend of mine was about to make his first plane and he had chosen the Infineon Biplane, so I decided to make one too. It seemed like a good choice for learning 3D as you can pretty much bounce epp off the ground and its fine. (My previous EPP Yak55 had survived many crashes including being stuck in a tree and on the local school roof).

Infineon Thread - https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=606425

It wasn't too hard to make, a mix of 6mm and 3mm EPP, and the design is fairly simple and well-thought out. I particularly like the way the 3mm sides join together and sit flush with the 6mm tail.

I was a bit worried about putting the aileron servo facing downwards on the bottom wing, as I remember from the Yak that this caused aileron differential in the wrong direction (they moved more downwards than up) but it doesn't seem to cause too much of a problem when flying.

It did need quite a lot of carbon to stiffen the whole thing up (3x0.5mm strips down the leading edge and trailing edge of each wing, strips down the fuse and on the trailing edges of the tail surfaces). 2mm rods for the undercarriage and cross-braces and 1.5mm push rods.

Flying wise its great.. very floaty and forgiving. It seems to be lacking a bit of elevator authority and has waaaay too much rudder but its lovely to fly and I think it looks nice in the air. Now I just have to practice practice practice

Power set up as follows:-

Wingspan - 32"
Keda 20-28M 15A 1050Kv Motor
Hobbywing Pentium 18amp ESC
500mAh Loong Max Lipo
9x4 slowfly prop
AUW - 320g / 11.3oz

Here's a vid expertly filmed by Muzzy_II with the Infi down the park one dinnertime.
Youtube vid:
Infineon Biplane (3 min 48 sec)

Posted by m0nkey | Jan 27, 2010 @ 06:30 AM | 3,215 Views
For my first full-fuse scratchbuilt I decided to go for JetSet44's F-15 eagle. After looking over his designs it seemed that the Eagle would be the simplest to build as it didn't need much bending of foam. (Only for the back fuselage top).

I used the same power set up as in my previous profile foamies:

2212/6 Suppo-type motor
1300mAh Loong Max battery
Hobbywing Guard 30 Amp ESC
6 x 4 APC prop

After building it I was so pleased with the result that I went a bit overboard on the paint scheme. I copied one from the Eagle thread which I liked the look of, which was an actual scheme from an actual F-15 used by Nasa in thier ACTIVE program. The real F-15 ACTIVE has canards but I didn't like the look of them so I left them off.

This was also the first time I had used Inkjet Decal paper, its good stuff but needs a bit of technique to use. You print out the decals onto either white or clear sheets and then spray on a coat or two of varnish onto the ink side. Getting the amount of varnish right seemed to be the key, too much and the decals were too stiff, too little and the ink would run when they were put into the water.

In the air it is a very stable design but does like to fly fast and has very fast roll rate. The tips of the horizontal stabiliser are actually below the bottom of the fuse when full elevator is applied so landings can be a bit hairy at speed. Other than snapping the nose off once by plowing into a bank it hasn't had any major mishaps.

I have tried it with a 5x5 APC prop to see the difference and it was a bit weedy, didn't have the same vertical at all and wasn't noticably faster (possibly just the drag of the airframe).

Canopy was a 2 litre coke bottle heat formed over a balsa plug in 2 halves, pilot is a tank commander donated by my son!