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Posted by ArizVela | Oct 31, 2014 @ 07:01 PM | 3,979 Views
Here's my EA's rc design the "AXON" a little different but still a fun plane to build.
This plane came together faster cause I had already built the Noob Tube and has much of the same dimensions....
It is flight ready carries a 2200mah lipo with a keychain camera for flying video all mounted with heavy duty velcro. It can accommodate two batteries in fuse for longer flight time but this battery gives me 5-6 min alone with moderate throttle...Continue Reading
Posted by ArizVela | Apr 27, 2011 @ 12:38 AM | 5,951 Views
Here is my Balsa USA Thunderbug 120 I bought from a friend it came with a Magnum XL 108 engine. Engine was old and I always had dead stick landings till I purchased a Homelite 25cc weedeater engine conversion from Gary Dr. Tune on the internet and all my problems were solved. Engine is so reliable it has excellent throttle response and power. For the price you cant beat it, you also get to choose what color combination you want for your plane it's painted and shipped to your front door ready to be mounted.

pictures before and after the upgrade....

Thunderbug 120 83" wingspan 65" fuselage
granny was replaced with IRONMAN from local dollar store
Homelite 25cc engine idles forever @ 1400 and 7650 WOT
SY propellor 18x6 from Valley View RC
tail dragger wheel also from Valley View RC
Hitec 2.4 system, transmitter and servos
cut open a hatch on bottom for eazy access to fuel dot and "T" and engine screws
16oz. Fuel can (dubro) fuel dot and "t" from Hanger 9
replaced the original tricycle landing gear with a set from a Fourstar 120 with 4"wheels
added 9oz. to tail to balance out the plane with that MONSTER engine
picture shows old 72mhz receiver but was replaced with Optima 7-7 channel 2.4 receiver
reenforced firewall with 1/4" ply inside and 1/8" upfront
cut muffler down and painted it flat black
added decals for that INTIMIDATING look
kill switch was removed transmitter engine kill button was found easier
fuel...Continue Reading