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Posted by Sandracer17 | Aug 15, 2011 @ 04:55 PM | 5,342 Views
It didn't take long to decide on which plane to build next.....

I was planning on building a Tucano, but when a friend started to build a Pilatus PC 21, I decided I would build one too.
So - this build log isn't about me coming up with innovative idea's and solutions, more, me copying what someone is already doing. In fact, his plane is almost finished and should be airborne within the next couple of weeks.
This build isn't created from a kit - just a plan that can be downloaded from Pilatus themselves: - all the correct dimensions have been replicated with the addition of formers for the fuselage and ribs for the wings - it also includes the dimensions and profiles of the cockpit canopy, although it has been discovered that the canopy from the West Wings Hawk fits almost perfectly.
The finished model will have a 1100mm span - but this still makes for a fairly large plane as the fuz is pretty big by comparison at about 1400mm. I will be using 35/48/5 motor powered by a 4 cell LiPo, which should provide more than adequate power.
The rest of the build log continues here:
Posted by Sandracer17 | Mar 20, 2011 @ 06:09 PM | 9,307 Views
Just in case anyone stumbles across this thread, let me explain it's purpose.
It is purely for my benefit - I'm the kind of sad person who likes to keep a record of all my flights... what I flew, how many times etc etc.
It's good to look back at what has been flown the most and when I crashed them!
Also, here is a list of the planes I have aquired, more or less in order.

TopFlight SuperCub 06/04/2009 Retired, will fly again!
GWS AT6 Harvard 05/2009 Retired - too messy to repair!
GWS AT6 Harvard 06/2009 to replace 1st one which was a bit 'mashed up'. Retired but flyable - just add servos.
Ultimate Bipe 07/2009 Retired after well over 100 flights.
GWS F15 2009 Reborn as a pusher. Flying.
GWS Formosa 1 Destroyed!
ARF Extra 260 10/2009 Retired - heavy front end damage. Repairable.
GWS Formosa 1 01/2010 To replace original. Flying.
Phase 3 Squall HP 17/03/2010 Destroyed.
Phase 3 Squall HP 31/03/2010 as had smashed 1st one to pieces. Flying.
ARF Edge 540 31/03/2010 Sold to Si at a later date.
Phase 3 F16 30/04/2010 Servo failure on its 50th flight 09/2010 - write off! Attempting rebuild!
Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR 03/05/2010 Swapped for Ripmax Spit 06/05/2012
Phoenix Super Decathlon 15/08/2010 Flying
GWS Formosa 2 06/09/2010 Flying
Park Zone Night Vapor 07/09/2010 Flying
BalsaCraft Xtreme 10/2010 Completed on July 10th 2011 Trashed on 06/05/2012
ARF Extra 260 12/2010 Flying
Scratch Built Depron Schumate...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandracer17 | Feb 28, 2011 @ 01:20 PM | 13,665 Views
Well, here we go!
This is my first 'proper' build using a plan and a box full of cnc'd balsa and ply.
The kit is a Balsacraft Xtreme 3D. It has a 1460mm span (the wing area is huge!!) and is 1411mm in length.
I bought the kit from my local model shop last year - I had a quick look in the box and thought "right, this looks like it could be tough". I put it on a shelf and decided I would 'get round to it' at a later date.
In the mean time, I had a go at building a Depron park-jet from a plan downloaded from the internet. I really enjoyed building this plane - I think it gave me the confidence to start this build.
The Extreme is designed to use a nitro motor, but I intend to convert it to electric power - so far, all my aircraft have been EP, and I fully intend to stay that way!!
Anyway - my first job was to cover my workbench in something that I could stick pins into. I ended up using laminate flooring underlay which I spraymounted to the worktop. This seems to hold the pins nice and tight.
I then dug the kit out of the wardrobe and started to try to identify the parts required to build the fuselage. I immediately hit a problem as I realised that not all the balsa parts were numbered, which made it pretty tough going. I eventually located most of the parts, and have numbered them with a pencil.
My internet connection is down at the moment - I am typing this on my iPone and my typing finger is going numb!! I will catch up later, when hopefully, I can use my PC........