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Posted by sixnone | Aug 30, 2009 @ 03:50 PM | 2,143 Views
Almost done! The Simplicious is ready for linkage. Looking good so far. Love following the build thread, We are all having fun with it. Mine turned out to be almost 23 inches in wing span.

Next one I do will definitely have LED's for night flying. It has the hollow wing and with thin white foam they will show right through, illuminating the whole plane.

Its an easy plane to carry around as far as tossing it in the back seat, counter or shelf. Small enough for a tight yard, which is why I ended up building it. Cost is down too, compared to other similar planes.

Check it out and tell me what you think.
Posted by sixnone | Aug 17, 2009 @ 05:38 PM | 2,668 Views
So, ordered a birthday gift through NitroRCX and got riped off!

I ordered;

1 1/10 Exceed RC Electric brushless Pro Version Sunfire Off Rd RTR Buggy baha blue.

1 "guts for another car"

To be shipped on 7/29/2009

Got the car sometime right after that but not the rest of the order. The car was in its own tight fitting box and nothing else would fit in it, so I assumed there was another box to come.

Monday Aug 10th at 8:27 am, I emailed to see if it was shipped in two shipments, and let them know I only had half the order.

Tuesday Aug 11th, reply from NitroRCX received stating:
"We have updated your issue in our database. We shall have someone get back to you in 1-2 biz days"

Sunday Aug 16th, at 11:23 I had not heard anything. So I emailed again...this time there reply was, "We will have someone get back to you asap." That was Aug 17th.

I replied back asking if there asap was as fast as there 1-2 business answer....I called their cheesy customer support and was on hold forever. When I did finally get through, he wanted a picture of the shipping label. WHAT?!! The box has been composted! Nothing else but the buggy could fit in it. I asked for a manager, but of course one was not in till tomorrow.

Aug 27th after waiting on the phone for 45 min and then being disconnected before I said a word and at the same time being on-line waiting for their "chat support" for about an hour...some guy...Continue Reading
Posted by sixnone | Aug 16, 2009 @ 12:54 PM | 2,162 Views
Got LED'S? This plane is awesome for those. Whom ever has a set up like that should really share info. Not that easy till you see it, info is slim on led set-up anywhere.

The Simplicious I built is 3/16? Or 4.76mm. They say its 3mm but I measured. The wing span is maybe an 8th short of 23"s.

U r right about thick control surfaces. I have thought about single sheeting instead of following the plans because of this. I'll just hinge like I always do and hinge tape it to top and tapper the bottom wing to match. But for now just to see, I have tapered the edges.

I will be getting a few sets from gtrScotty shortly just because its worth it to me to have it all there, and I love the fact its white, thin and would look great with "LED'S floating around on a nice summer night at my place.

It was such a fast easy build, I really never considered taking pictures. gtrScotty has done a great job of getting everything we need out there. I'll post here what I do on it from here on out.

I have a couple 1450kv and 800 2s. Maybe not the best match. We will see.

On the subject of glue...I did the whole thing with Ultimate RC Foam Glue from Yardbirdrc, other than the bulk head. Its light and tight and sets up just right. Skim the surface and don't add to much though. I have had no instance of melting. Gorilla glue was used around the bulk heads and engine mount. It takes some practice with Gorilla glue...less is better, it expands so much. Its really good for those hard to reach corners where you want some support, but adds weight.

Now, I have to get rid of the blue color...its driving me nuts!
Posted by sixnone | Aug 12, 2009 @ 11:55 PM | 2,323 Views
Love the bigger, faster planes don't get me wrong, but my flyable yard is so small and when I'm working on my next project and waiting on parts, I have to admit, the Mega Tech interceptor is a blast.

Many obstacles await my deterrence, for instance, A bamboo patch that is so thick that when you get in it, you can barley glimpse the tops. A soft crash landing pad of sorts. Did I mention I have more blueberry, pears, apples, peach trees to feed more than I need. Or maybe the satalite dish (2 of them) in the way of those swooping low loops. What gets me the most though is the wind, just above and old growth tree line. Hit that, and you can sore as far as the transmitter will transmit...which happens to be just a few wrong moves away. Where's the problem then right? Its the flight or fight syndrome! You can stay planted like everything else, or you can chase to regain control of Sputnik.

I've did both, and being planted is great. Being a moving projectile is not.

So all in all, I have been building gtrScotty's plane, "Simplicious". Really like the design, Build thread is here. It is perfect for the yard plus above tree line. Also notable is the decreased project cost. We shall see how it goes. The build it so fast I must take a photo before I forget.
Posted by sixnone | Aug 03, 2009 @ 02:54 AM | 2,526 Views
Just wanted to say thanks to jetset44 for his super great plans for my F-22. Looks great even when its not flying! I definitely learned a few things about foam.