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Posted by turboparker | Oct 28, 2012 @ 09:38 PM | 18,281 Views
Here's some 3s testing I did today with the Eflite UMX Sbach 3D. Sbach #1 is running the 2300Kv motor/GWS 5043 prop combo, while Sbach #2 is running the 2500Kv/GWS 5030 prop combo. Both have a 1mm rod under the horizontal stab to prevent high-speed aerodynamic flutter. I used a Hyperion 180 mAh 25c 3s Babbelbatt on both flights. It appears that I got the stab halves reasonably straight on S3D #1, as it flew about the same as it did before the aerodynamic flutter incident.

This thing really moves on 3s! Thanks to AS3X, the plane remains smooth & precise - even @ WOT. The 2300Kv/5043 combo is the faster of the two by a considerable margin. I noticed a bit of gain-induced elevator oscillation during the first two WOT passes with the 2300/5043, but it appeared to smooth-out after that. I could hold either plane @ WOT for as long as I wished without hitting OTP. But it was only 44 F during the flights. When flying in warmer wx, I may need to improve the cooling like some have had to do.

Eflite UMX Sbach 3D on 3s (10 min 34 sec)

EDIT 12/05/12:

Here's some static RPM data on 3s.

Interestingly, there is little difference in static thrust between the two combos, however the 2300/5043 combo's pitch-speed is nearly 20% higher. It's also interesting that the 2500/5030 actually outperforms the 2300/5043 in terms of thrust, considering that the 2300/5043 produces more thrust on 2s than the 2500 with either prop.

RPM taken under natural light with a...Continue Reading
Posted by turboparker | Oct 21, 2012 @ 02:05 PM | 14,786 Views
Hi everyone,

I decided to try the 2300kv/GWS 5043 combo in my Sbach 3D to see how it performs in this app. As we found with the Beast 3D and V1 Sbach, the 2300kv/GWS 5043 combo is noticeably faster in the Sbach 3D than the stock 2500Kv motor with the factory prop, GWS 5030, or GWS 5043. I can easily do KE circuits, and I don't even need full rudder - even at part-throttle. The plane tracks as if on rails through 300'-400' loops. Plus, flight-time with the 2300Kv/5043 combo is considerably longer that it was with the stock 2500 with the 5030 or stock prop. I'll be staying with the 2300Kv in the Sbach 3D, just like many of us have done with the V1 Sbach & Beast 3D.

Here's the performance test video. The first flight is with a Hyperion 240, the second is with a Thunder Power 325 65c pack, and the third is with one of the new Hyperion 500 35c UMX packs.

Eflite UMX Sbach 3D - 2300Kv motor testing (11 min 38 sec)

After the testing, I decided to have some fun shooting touch & goes. I was using a Hyp 500 35c pack in this flight. It's a bit heavy for good aerobatic performance, but it's great for endurance & sport-flying, or when flying in windy/turbulent conditions.

Sbach 3D - touch & go practice (4 min 52 sec)
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Posted by turboparker | Oct 15, 2012 @ 11:22 PM | 15,536 Views
As much as I enjoy the original Sbach, and given how much AS3X does for the UMX Beast, I just had to get one of these. I am very glad that I did!

I went to the club field for the maiden. The wind was 6-11 MPH. I flew with a lightweight Hyp 240 Babbelbatt first, and then with a lightweight TP 325 65c Babbelbatt. As can be seen in the video, the TP pack definitely has better vertical & top speed. I didn't get a chance to try the new Hyp 500 35c, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Ditto for the SFGs.

As one would expect - like her predecessor, the Sbach 3D is an excellent flier. She flies as if she's on rails - even better than the V1. The basic personality of the V1 is definitely there, but this Sbach went to etiquette school & graduated with top honors! Maneuvers are graceful & fluid, yet precise. She definitely flies big.

Thrust-to-weight seems to be markedly improved over the V1 - no doubt due to lower loss in the new 4.9A ESC. There is ample power for any aerobatic maneuver. She effortlessly climbs vertically out of a hover - even with the factory prop. Unlimited rolling verticals are easy, even late into the flight. There is plenty of vertical speed, so handling remains crisp on long up-lines & she tracks like an arrow all the way up. Her vertical capability is limited only by the pilot's eyesight.

Great news! With a TP 325 all the way back, she was still just a tad tail-heavy! This means it should be easy to get the CG right with a variety of...Continue Reading
Posted by turboparker | Oct 06, 2012 @ 10:11 AM | 14,401 Views
I've always wanted to try a sailplane, so I picked up a Radian Pro last week. It's my first purpose-built soaring ship. I'm having a blast with the plane. It flies quite well for a foamie thermal duration ship. I even managed to find some lift, despite the poor conditions. Here are a couple on-board videos I shot at a friend's place up on the Minnesota/Canadian border near Lake of the Woods. You can see a small part of the west side of the lake when I'm pointing east. The first clip is my second flight with the plane. It wasn't trimmed very well, but I still managed to catch some lift - despite the forward CG. I had it trimmed-out reasonably well for the second video. I ended up with the CG at approximately 77mm. I also moved the 808 #16 camera aft just enough to get a bit of the nose in-frame for a reference point. I had yet to set up the advanced wing functions, so I was flying it as a 4-channel plane with conventional flaps. I now have reflex, camber, and crow set up, but it has been too windy to fly. Hopefully, I'll get to try out the various wing configurations soon. In these clips, I'm using Outrage NRG 1300 mAh 35c packs. The form-factor matches the factory pack. Plus - they're designed for 5c charging, and they last for a few hundred cycles before they start to fade away. I bought them a few years ago for my Blade SR (which I don't fly anymore). I've been using them in my Losi Mini 8ight and my Blade 300X. They still perform quite well, considering that they're over three years old. I plan to pick up some Thunder Power or Hyperion packs that I can use in my RP & my Blade 300X. I'll shoot some on-board video to demonstrate the advanced wing functions when the wx cooperates.

Radian Pro - First on-board video (10 min 4 sec)

Radian Pro - second on-board video (7 min 19 sec)