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Posted by turboparker | Apr 21, 2012 @ 07:34 PM | 16,133 Views
Hi everyone,

Some of us have been experimenting with running 3s on the stock Eflite 2s UMX bricks. Some bricks handle it, while others pop immediately when the pack is connected. Given that they're only designed for 2s, it is surprising that any of these little bricks can handle 3s reliably, but many of the EFLU4864 AS3X bricks appear to do just that. Some of us had been flying the Beast 3D on 3s packs short-charged to 12V. RCBabbel decided to try a fully-charged pack on his B3D, and his survived. After some consternation, I decided to roll the dice & try fully-charged 3s packs. Looks like my brick is one of the over-achievers. The plane is performing flawlessly after many flights on fully-charged Hyperion 180 mAh 3s packs. A few others have also reported success. The non-AS3X 2s bricks seem to be a bit more of a crap-shoot on 3s. Some handle 12V, while others pop immediately on 12V. Some handle 12V just fine, but pop immediately on 12.6V. Others seem to handle 12.6V just fine. The EFLU4864 AS3X brick (used in the Beast 3D, Gee Bee, and Carbon Cub) appears to be somewhat more tolerant of 3s than the non-AS3X AR6400LBL & AR6400NBL bricks (used in the V1 Beast & Sbach, respectively).

I'm running the 2300Kv/5043 prop combo, but others have reported good results with the stock 2500Kv motor & a 5030 prop. I'm getting over 5.5 minutes of aggressive flying to the 80% discharge point - using good throttle-management, of course.

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