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Posted by turboparker | Mar 25, 2012 @ 01:20 AM | 15,723 Views
Warning: The AR6400NBL brick is not designed for 3s. Some bricks handle it, many don't. Try at your own risk.

Experimenting with running a Hyperion 3s 180 mAh 'Babbelbatt' on a stock Sbach with a 5030 prop. Per RC's recommendation, I'm only charging the packs to 12V to prevent damaging the brick from too much voltage.

For the first flight, I mounted the pack all the way aft. I soon found that the plane was far too tail-heavy for high-speed flying, so I landed & moved the pack forward a bit. Much better. The plane is ridiculously fast. This thing goes faster straight up than an Sbach on 2s can go straight down! With the aileron pushrods in the second from the outermost holes, it can effortlessly do 'the drill-bit maneuver' vertically! The motor & pack were just barely warm after a 4.5 minute flight. Put 108 mAh back in, starting from a 12V charge.

On the second flight, I moved the CG further forward for better high-speed tracking, and set up dual-rates. Much, much better! No more darty behavior at high speed. She tracked straight & true even @ WOT. Again, the motor & pack were barely warm after the flight.

The plane is a blast to fly on 3s! I've never seen a plane with such a wide flight envelope before. Slow to a crawl or sport-fly at 10-20% throttle, perform pattern aerobatics at 25-30% throttle, perform any unlimited aerobatic maneuver you can possibly think of without ever going past 40% throttle - and you still have 60% throttle for headroom! Balls-to-...Continue Reading