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Posted by turboparker | Jan 21, 2012 @ 02:27 PM | 16,722 Views
Hi everyone,

Just had to add one of these to the hangar, as I've never flown a quad before! Wow - this little guy is a blast! Different than, say, the Beast 3D or mCP X, but every bit as much fun - even in a light breeze! Indoors, it is surgically-precise. Nearly as stable as a coaxial heli, yet nearly as agile as my mCP X. I find it far more fun to fly around the house than my mSR or mCP X, and it is an absolute blast to fly in my backyard! It carries a 15g keychain cam with ease - however the extra weight is very noticeable when it's breezy. Most intermediate fixed-wing pilots will have no trouble flying this bird. Especially those who know how to use their rudder for something besides taxiing - such as making coordinated turns. She is very responsive, however. More like a CP heli in this regard. With the response tamed down on low rates, anyone with some coaxial heli experience should feel right at home. This bird is also quite tough. Maybe even close to being 'mSR-tough'. She's a keeper, for sure!!

Here are a few videos.

Hatcam video - maiden flight in my yard. My very first time flying a quad!

Blade mQX maiden - my first quad flight! (8 min 40 sec)

Camcorder video - second flight in my yard. Tried a few loops. I kinda pulled 'em off, but it wasn't pretty. I definitely need to practice!

Blade mQX - 2nd flight - trying some loops (6 min 44 sec)
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Posted by turboparker | Jan 05, 2012 @ 12:07 AM | 16,383 Views
I decided to swap the stock 2500Kv motor for the V1 Beast's 2300Kv motor. I also switched to the 5043 prop. First flight is with a homebrew Hyp 240 2s pack & the second flight is with a homebrew Hyp 180 2s pack. I definitely prefer the 2300Kv motor w/5043 over the 2500Kv motor w/5030 prop. better throttle-response, more punch, and longer flights. It's simply a better match for the airframe, I believe.

Beast 3D w/Beast V1 motor & GWS 5043 prop (16 min 3 sec)