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Posted by turboparker | Dec 18, 2011 @ 03:52 AM | 15,752 Views
Took the new Beast to our indoor meet last night. It's an absolute blast to fly indoors! So silky & smooth, yet so precise. Just like a perfectly-tuned pattern ship. But slow-flight is also piece of cake. Hardly any wing-rock during harriers, rolls and it's easy to do slow KE down low! I don't understand the comments about the roll-rate not being fast enough. I moved the aileron pushrods to the second from the innermost holes, and rolls are crisp & quick even at half-throttle. I've flown the V1 Beast in there quite a few times. It's fun, but the Beast 3D is even more fun. It instills a level of confidence well-beyond what I've ever felt with the V1.

Here's some video. Just your basic lazy indoor flying - low & slow circuits, touch & gos, loops, rolls, KE circuits, high-alpha, and a few torque-rolls.

Having fun with the Beast 3D indoors (13 min 40 sec)

Posted by turboparker | Dec 17, 2011 @ 04:35 PM | 16,198 Views
Wind was up, so I went to the field with the 3D & V1 to do a comparison. Wow! What a difference! The AS3X really works extremely well in the gusty conditions. In fact, I'd say that wind-handling is it's strong-point. First, I flew the Beast 3D & then the V1. I was running Hyp 240 2s packs in both planes, with a 5030 on the 3D & a 5043 on the V1. The throws are the same on both planes - elevator & rudder pushrods in the innermost holes, with the aileron pushrods in the second hole out. The Beast 3D was actually fun to fly in that wind! The V1 - not so much. According to the local wx station log, the wind during the following flights was 9 MPH, gusting to 16 MPH.

UMX Beast 3D vs Beast V1 in the wind (17 min 4 sec)


That was so much fun, I went back to the field after the wind had picked up to 8-19 MPH for another romp with the Beast 3D.

UMX Beast 3D in an 8-19 MPH wind (8 min 53 sec)
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Posted by turboparker | Dec 13, 2011 @ 12:38 AM | 17,765 Views
Hi all,

Of course, I just had to add one of these to the hangar! I got the maiden in, and a couple flights on the 5043, as well!

However, my hatcam battery must be on its way out. It crapped-out during the second video - which was with the 5043 on my homebrew Hyp 180 & 240 packs. Fortunately, I did get the maiden. Unfortunately, the second file got corrupted when the battery died, so I don't have any video with the 5043. Bummer, as I was flying much more aggressively during the second & third flights. I ran out of light before I could try the 5030. I'll shoot some more footage with the 5030 & 5043 when I get a chance.


Elevation: 930' AMSL
Temperature: +40 F
Wind: 2-4 MPH

UMX Beast 3D
Stock prop & throws
Homebrew Hyperion 180 mAh 2s pack
EW: 57.18g
AUW: 69.0g
Tx settings:
ATV: +/-100%
Rates: 100%
Expo: 0%

I took the plane out of the box, popped in a Hyp 180 2s pack (front of the pack just behind the cowl opening), bound it to my Futaba 10CHP, and checked for any gross misalignment. Finding none, I fired up the AS3X by blipping the throttle. I rotated the plane about its three axes of rotation, and checked for the expected control movements. Everything looked good, so I headed to the runway. It was nearly dead-calm. I thought it a bit ironic, as this was the first time I've actually wished for some wind during a maiden flight!

Takeoff & climbout:

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