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Posted by turboparker | Feb 13, 2011 @ 02:07 PM | 13,836 Views

It's 47 above here, but the wind is 20-30 MPH. Since it's a bit windy for flying, I decided to get some static RPM data on the 5030 & 5043 props with my Hyp 2s packs. The testing was done with Beast #2, so I re-tested the stock prop to establish a baseline.

910' AMSL, 70 F, 30 sec into the run on a freshly-charged pack. The GWSProps spreadsheet was used to calculate thrust:

GWS 5043:
Hyp 180 2s: 9600 RPM; Thrust=127g; Pitch-speed: 39.0 MPH**
Hyp 240 2s: 9700 RPM; Thrust=129g; Pitch-speed: 39.5 MPH**

GWS 5030:
Hyp 180 2s: 11300 RPM; Thrust=124g
Hyp 240 2s: 11300 RPM; Thrust=124g; Pitch-speed: 32.1 MPH**

Stock prop:
Hyp 180 2s: 11150 RPM; Thrust=111g*
Hyp 240 2s: 11150 RPM; Thrust=111g*; Pitch-speed: 29.0 MPH**

RemE's testing with the stock 120 mAh pack:

5043: 8574 RPM; 2.75A; Thrust=100g; 34.9 MPH**
5030: 10130 RPM; 2.25A; Thrust=99g; 28.8 MPH**
stock: 10224 RPM; 2.25A; Thrust=92g*; 26.6 MPH**

*May not be accurate, as the stock prop's t-constant may or may not be similar to the GWS prop.

**Calculated pitch-speed. Prop slippage and in-flight unloading not taken into account.


I found it interesting that in my tests, the 5030 spun faster than the stock prop. Seems like an anomaly, but I did get the same result with two packs. I'm not sure what to think about that. Going by the data, the 5030 should provide longer flight-times, a bit more top-speed, and slightly better vertical than the stock prop. Also, the data suggests that the 5043 should not...Continue Reading