Posted by [email protected] | Oct 10, 2007 @ 11:25 PM | 13,486 Views
I live on long Island and love the outdoors with my hobbies.I travel to many places to fly but some places have more to offer than others when it comes to all out "Fun & Surroundings", I've met wonderful people in my journeys and get a big kick out of trying something new with sports and hobbies. Lately my interests have me at the beach or Floyd Bennett airport a lot cause it allows me to enjoy a number of my hobbies in one place,"Without hearing "Sir ya can't do that hear" Yeah ,Some of the I do can really hurt people or myself if i'm not paying attention ,Huh, thats most of the time ! Anyhoo....Parcs is one of the clubs I belong to and N.Y.s largest membership for RC flying . Turbine jet, heli, 1/4 scale, pylon, name it and were set up for it . Floyd Bennett or gateway national parks has organized facility's for "ANY" RC thing you can dream up and then some ! It's Cool to pack my landsailing and kite buggy junk along with my arsenal of RC stuff and head out too one place for "SUN & FUN" the traffic I can do without ! I've learned a lot from RC groups and the guys I hang with when flying .Rules are made to be broken sometimes and still can't figure out why the club has me on the board of director's with ( . The Guys are real helpful and a blast to hang with and the older fliers have taught me alot of neat little tricks to save me some grief with my hobby. I enjoy building and...Continue Reading