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Posted by MattyB | Apr 10, 2015 @ 07:12 AM | 3,457 Views
I have just posted my new "Unknockable" safety switches for Taranis to RCSettings, so thought I would share them here; description...

This EEPROM demonstrates a novel safety switch which if accidentally knocked will not change state. It can be used with any three position switch, and requires that a sequence be completed that includes change in direction of the physical switch within a given time period to activate/deactivate the desired function:

These switches are ideal for complex IC models with retracts and ignition systems where accidental activation could cause injury or damage to the model. They can also be used as throttle kills on electric fixed wing and rotary craft. For an additional layer of safety I recommend you configure them to be active only in certain flight modes as demonstrated in switches 1 and 2.

Posted by MattyB | Sep 28, 2014 @ 06:20 PM | 6,572 Views
If you would like to donate to Ralph Roberts (designer of the Zephyr slope soarer), please visit Paypal and donate to

Maidened my EFX on Sept 6th, putting three Zippy Compact 4S 2200 35C packs through it on the stock 5x5 prop. It went pretty well - not quite 100mph performance I don't think, but close enough for me, at least for the moment. Some observations...
  1. Mixed throttle flights of 4 mins seem well within the packs capacity, even though it is losing a bit of punch at the end; final resting voltages were 3.8-3.85V/cell in all three packs. As I have posted before two of the three are exhibiting high internal resistance (20-30mOhms per cell at a nominal 3.85V/cell) so I don't anticipate they will last very long, but I have decided to keep using them as an experiment rather than returning them to HK - they were only ~12 each so the cost of postage would be pretty high compared to their value.
  2. With this battery CG is at ~55mm, clearly at the aftmost range. Inverted as you would expect needs little down, and the elevator is sitting neutral so unlike some others I don't think there is an incidence issue with this model; it is just designed to fly at 55mm back from the LE, not 50mm.
  3. Mine seem to roll left slightly; I can't see a warp, but will double check carefully before the next flight and verify I don't have one wing heavier than the other.
  4. High rate was way too sensitive on aileron and elevator for my taste at the recommended 30% expo; have
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Posted by MattyB | Jan 31, 2014 @ 11:31 AM | 8,643 Views
Since I got my Taranis I've created a number of templates for use by others; I'll be keeping an up to date list here for reference. So far they are:
All templates are documented to help you set them up for your model; I hope you find them useful!