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Posted by DqP | Jun 30, 2010 @ 07:59 PM | 5,606 Views
Finally had a chance to edit my videos of Pablo flying my Vipers. Trimmed out and stable, I been able to log in about 2 dozen flights on them. These jets are amazing and with the flaps on full, lands so gently.

After, crashing on maiden back in January, I had the green Viper in my boneyard uncertain whether to rebuild or trash/salvage. I had a friend help me with fiberglass and even then, it got close getting trashed on many occasions. Boy am I glad I decided to rebuild. The green viper is my most reliable, best flying jet I have in my hanger. It's feels like a composite habu, actually, like a cleaner flying composite habu. Plenty of power on stock setup and 4S, I heard that it's totally sick on a 5S.

I ran out of camera batteries but watched Pablo fly the viper in slow figure 8's on full flaps. I finally had some time last night to cut the videos i took on re-maiden flight.

Here's the product i uploaded to my youtube account:

A Tale of Two Vipers - SAPAC ViperJet MKII (4 min 26 sec)

Posted by DqP | Jun 14, 2010 @ 10:39 AM | 4,214 Views
One thing about filming planes fly is that you can more easily predict the next frame of the flight. Sweeping steadily across the sky, with some practice and a few cool tools, you can pretty much keep the viewer from needing dramamine when they watch your video. With Heli's, well, not so much, especially flying 3D. Unless you know the habits and pattern of the pilot filming can be quite an exercise if you want some close up images. In fact, most of the video i see of heli's are filmed at a good distance.

With my pocket camera (that takes HD video) and armed with a manfrotto monosteady, I attempted to get as close up to my buddy's heli in flight as i could without feeling like throwing up when i reviewed the footage. It ended up pretty challenging as i stumbled at first to keep it centered. To boot, it was like 120 degrees and my sweat felt like it was boiling my flesh.

Got the footage cut and edited to a pretty watchable video. Here's the link:

Geoff's Hirobo SDX 50 (4 min 45 sec)

Posted by DqP | Jun 14, 2010 @ 10:22 AM | 5,474 Views
I've posted this link previously on one of the threads but figured i'd enter it into my blog listing.

I got my first Foamy plane around Oct 09 and attempted to fly around November. I think I became comfortable enough to fly around Christmas right after i picked up a Habu.

I originally tried to fly a SAPAC ViperJet back in January (January 21st to be exact) but take off was ugly due to the wrong front gear length (too short) which took forever to take off and stalled immediately 3 feet off the ground resulting in a crushed nose, canopy and bruised ego.

Since then, I've been kinda reserved sticking with my foams but finally made my leap to the composites a regular flyer a couple of weeks ago after deciding to get the ViperJet back in the air.

Anyways, finally got the fiberglass fuse repaired and started using it for practice. I have to say that I love flying these composites. I still fly my foams but now really understand what the comment "foams fly like foams" means.

My main flyer has now become this amazing Hawk. It holds so well in the air i almost forget my nervousness for flying something that i can't repair with just some 5min epoxy and foam-safe CA. I'm taking it slow and trying to respect the airframe a little bit more than i was doing with the foamies. In addition, I'm trying to reflect the battery life as well by backing off on the flight times just a little bit because these things are not so dead-stick friendly.

Pretty comfortable with low passes, Split-S and 4-point rolls. Still working on cleaning up my landings but it's getting there nicely.

Pablo had about 3 flights to adjust it and I've had the Hawk in the air for about a dozen flights now. I added the wing fences and will be adding wheel brakes soon.

Here is a video made during the maiden flights sessions:

SAPAC - Green Hawk (Composite) (3 min 32 sec)

I've got a few in-canopy videos i need to cut together and will soon have it up.