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Posted by DqP | May 26, 2010 @ 11:53 AM | 5,785 Views
Finally completed my RCLander Mig-17 and took it out on a pretty windy day for it's maiden. It's a pretty decent flying 90mm. Pablo did a great job with the trimming and adjustments on it. It was remarkable how sweet the plane flares naturally with the flaps out on landing.

I flew my 6th sortie on it a few days ago and was pretty amazed how nicely it hold in the air in low passes. I think it could use a bit more air and maybe a little more umph in the motor. I'm going to take out next time and try it on 7S to see how much it helps.

I would like to look into some custom ducting get positive air in addition to the cheater holes.

It was filmed with new camera and so i think i was able to get enough clips form the flight to highlight the maiden. It took me about 7 hours+ to process, edit but i'm pretty happy how it came out.

My RCLander Mig-17 - Maiden Flight (2 min 35 sec)