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Posted by Spyro37 | Dec 06, 2014 @ 10:36 PM | 31,726 Views
The Blade 180 CFX, is one of the best micros out there as we all know.
Out of the box, it's 3D performance bits most or all micros, hands-down.
The only two things that everyone is complaining of are:
1. The weak TT that breaks easily.
2. Cyclic servos that strips easily on a crash, which can be fixed with "servo saver mod and metal gear upgrade.

Having solution/fix on those two "weak" parts, the 180 CFX makes it not only the best performance 3D helicopter, but a very strong helicopter.

I have developed a torque tube system that should be of interest all 180 CFX owners. NOT ONLY COULD THIS UPGRADE SAVE THEM FROM BUYING TORQUE TUBES, BUT ALSO, WOULD SAVE THE (4) TAIL GEARS, & MAKES THEM UNBREAKABLE (not stripping) during a crash. The added torque tube clutch system also reduces stress to the entire gear system including the 4tail gears, the main gear, & main/tail shafts by allowing the tail drive to disengage during a crash.

This upgrade will not only save you money on all those parts but also minimize/eliminate "down times" due to a crash.

On these videos I have recorded today, demonstrates how well it works without any compromise on the 180's performance after countless flights.

- The mod's added weight is less than a gram..
- No other parts required, and should take you around 5 minutes or less to install this new TT with clutch system.


Happy Flying...

180 CFX - With CLUTCH torque tube design, Unbreakble (ABCD) tail gear (3 min 46 sec)

Posted by Spyro37 | Nov 20, 2013 @ 12:45 PM | 10,763 Views
(Please do not post questions on this blog. I don't monitor it...)
(Horizon, wish that the 130 was built just like this & you din't have to make me do this)

130X Build with FOUR Rotary Servos
Some of the advantages of this mods are:
- $aving money on those expensive poor quality linear servos.
- time fixing
- time trying to figure out problems, just to find out it was the stock servos causing it
- hard to replace stock elev. servo
- burnt 3-in-1 caused by faulty/failed linear servo
- crashes caused by linear servo.
- Advil/Tylenol & etc.

SOME VIDEOS. These were the two 130s I built. One for myself & one for my friend.
Both helis has been pretty much trouble free, with VERY little maintenance, if any (stripped gear/s due to dumb thumbs).
87grams fully assembled (including motor), without the canopy and battery.
Both helis with countless flights already...
These helis (videos) has the same power set-up HP10S motor mod with Lynx 9T pinion for optmized power &efficiency, 4min flight on 100%TC, 2S 450mAh lipo.

Blade130X STOCK FRAME WITH 4 ROTARY SERVOS (2 min 11 sec)

Blade 130X - WITH ROTARY SERVOS (3 min 53 sec)
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Posted by Spyro37 | Aug 23, 2011 @ 03:38 AM | 40,801 Views
The Center of Gravity provided on the picture below is what I used on this MAIDEN FLIGHT. The KLM floated really well balanced on my first landing approach @ 8:25, with NO-to-minimum throttle. After 2or3 right clicks (aileron), the 737 tracked beautifully, so I decided to do a LOW fly-by @ 10:50, why not?

Windrider KLM BOEING 737 - How It's Made & Maiden Flight (12 min 44 sec)
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