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Posted by Ecibob | Jun 28, 2011 @ 06:16 PM | 2,729 Views

There she is in all her glory. So far I've gotten everything finished but adding flight stabilization, GPS system, and dynamic OSD (on screen display).

I'm prepared to fly this weekend (4th of July) and hopefully it won't end in a miserable failure!

If your wondering (or even reading this right now) what she's got inside, it a secret. Just kidding.... here's the specs:

- Scorpion SII-3014-1040 motor (looks great)
- E-flite 60 amp ESC
- 5000 mAh 4s Li-po
- Airspeed indicator (with pitot static tube on nose)
- Discovery buzzer
- LED light strips under wing (going to be run with a seperate brushed ESC and Li-po)
- Hitec HS-65HB servos

- Receiver: Futaba R319DPS
- TX: Futaba 9CAP Super

- Lawmate 1.2 ghz 500 mW RX
- 400 mW TX
- Camera: DX-201
- Powered by two 1000 mAh 3s Li-pos

As of now I also don't have a pan/tilt setup in place (mostly due to the fact that the one I bought sucked), but I used the body of it to mount the camera as you can see below.

The inside compartment is HUGE which means a lot of room for extra equipment when I have the money!

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Posted by Ecibob | May 03, 2011 @ 09:01 PM | 3,560 Views
I am in the process of selecting equipment for a new project of mine, a first person view, heading-tracking, camera system for an RC airplane.

I'm going to keep a build log here when I actually begin to receive the items.

So far, I just purchased today a used Radio TX and Receiver RX here on RCGroups because my old one has been broken for a while and my backup is not suitable. These are the Futaba 9CHP 72 mHz radio and a Futaba 319DPS receiver.

Here is a detailed list of everything else that I need to purchase:

New Generation Hobbies - Cananda

LM 500mW 1.2Ghz Combo
1.2Ghz 8 dBi Flat Patch Antenna
3 dBi 1.3Ghz Antenna
6" Li-Po Power Cable for Lawmate RX
KX-131 Camera (NTSC)
Pandora Pan & Tilt Kit [or]
Skywalker FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit

Range Video - Miami, FL

HeadPlay 800 x 600 FPV Goggles
HeadPlay HD Component Cable (VGA to Composite)
DX201 DPS Camera

LowPriceRC - China

Xen Skywalker EPO Version 3
Astral Battery Low Voltage Buzzer for 2-4S Lipo
Astral Lipo Battery Voltage Tester and Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm
Xen Microphone Crystal Clear for AV Transmitter
Astral JST Battery Pigtail 10 cm Female/Male (2)
Astral JST 2 Pin Connector Female/Male (2)
Xen SMA Jack Connectors and 10 cm Flexible Cable
EasyCap Xen 1 Channel USB DVR System
Astral 26AWG Servo Wire 10 m (10)
Moxie Brushless Outrunner Motor 990KV [or]
Moxie V Edition ESC 40A [or]
APC 9X6 Thin Electric Propeller

BevRC - China

BEV-Airplane Alarm
Video Splitter - 1 Input 4 Outputs
BEV Power Cable - 1 Input [4/2] Outputs (2)
BEV KX171 Leads
AX2814 - Motor for Skywalker
AX 45A Brushless ESC

Hobby King - China

Corona Synthesized Dual-Conv Receiver 9Ch 72Mhz
TURNIGY 8-15A UBEC for Lipoly
Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch
Alloy E-Prop Spinners AC378 5mm to 8mm
Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S
Hitec HS-65HB Micro Karbo Gear Servo 1.8kg/11g/0.14sec (6)