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Posted by porcia83 | Jan 09, 2012 @ 08:24 AM | 16,977 Views
Got this last week and did some changes to the paint. Stripped off the stickers as much as possible then covered with ultracoat like strips from my local hobby shop. The dayglo orange is set off nicely by the green.

Man it's tight to get all the wires etc locked down. I've dug out some foam but can't do to much. Canopy was barely held on so I took it off, the pilot flies al fresco now.

I changed the ESC to a 45 amp Eflite. Plenty of power. I love rundway takeoffs, doesn't take much to ROG. I'm not impressed with the flight times at all though. With a 2200 30c battery I'm getting about 4 minutes, and that's with some throttle management. I can get 7 or more on a 3300 with the Habu, which weighs twice as much as this does.

Also, there is almost NO warning when the battery is about done. It's gets slower for a sec, then BAM...no juice. Plane does float in nicely for landings though. Front landing gear is complete junk, I have to reattach after every two flights. Flimsy. Plane came with a warped vert stab which I tweaked as much as possible. If I get a good deal on a kit version I'll go for it, probably look at one of the Don's setups...bet this would scream.

Just ordered the Viper from Hobby Lobby, we'll see how that does compared to this one.