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Posted by viperjody | Apr 29, 2010 @ 01:49 AM | 3,631 Views
I find it so amazing that the old adage of Chevy vs. Ford is ever so present with RC. As a photographer, it is like Nikon vs. Canon and in our RC world, Futaba vs. Spektrum or Planes guys vs. the Heli guys.

Ironically, you don't usually find Chevy and Ford guys hanging out, however in this hobby of ours. I have met some of the most amazing people. Guys who can build with such detail and precision, and those who can fly with amazing control like it was a walk in the part. Aside from the money we spend and the time we dedicate, the friendships and flying buddies we meet along the way make it worth every dime.

In the case of my good friend who is responsible for getting me into this hobby, no matter how many times he crashes, he keeps on keeping on and it is inspiring for me to not give up when I pile my plane into the ground.

Just last week I met a guy who drove a couple of hours to come fly and my local field... an amazing flyer and I learned a ton just watching him fly.

Just wanted to post a quick note before I go bed before the Mrs. finds me on RCGroups again!