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Posted by jmpdgs | Oct 12, 2011 @ 09:34 PM | 5,761 Views
X-UAV manufactures this kit, but I purchased it from Hobbyking. It's been a very nice platform from which to start in my quest for something a bit more scale looking than the average foamy. There were a number of B-17's to choose from including the 83" HK Memphis Belle, a pair of 63"ers from Freewing, one from Starmax and this "MYSTERIOUS" one sold by HK. I was captivated by the paint scheme, it's size (only 63" which is much better for a VANLESS guy like me) and the bomb drop.

Half way through the detailing, I took her out and maidened her and she proved worthy of completion, so here she is about 90% done with only a few minor areas to address.