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Posted by jmpdgs | Jan 06, 2011 @ 04:31 PM | 6,392 Views
I'm on my 3rd (yes that's right) SU-34, a testament to both how much I like the aircraft and how poorly I seem to fly it. During the interval between #'s 2 & 3 I changed from radios from a DX7 to a JR9303. I also decided to attempt "full implementation" of the 360 capabilities of the AC so I dropped in a seven channel RX.

The best laid plans it is said, often go awry and I began struggling with the various available radio programming suggestions. Both the one in the manual and those found in the RCG and HL forums all shared one commonality, none of them seemed to work for me, so after talking to Scott in Tech Support at Horizon for the better part of an hour, I decided to abandon what had been tried before and simply go with a completely new and what I hoped would prove to be a more intuitive approach. In truth, all of the programs I saw, including my own, are very similar. The main difference in this program is that it allows you to TURN OFF the majority of the thrust vectoring with a single switch. The exception to this (and it's advantage) is that some limited yaw movement remains, acting as a very effective rudder substitute.

The beauty of this setup is that the TV nozzles will act as a rudder when the TV switch is off and fall into full elevator/aileron assist mode when the TV is activated. Take offs and landings can now be done with the TV OFF without sacrificing the advantage of having a rudder (even though no rudders exist) which as anyone who...Continue Reading