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Posted by jmpdgs | Dec 08, 2010 @ 08:46 PM | 6,810 Views
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December 8th 2012

A few guys have asked about the relocation of the EDF units I've talked about so I thought I would elaborate just a little here.

When I find a model that has limited or no access to the EDF unit, which is true of many of the earlier EDF designs but few of the newer ones, I automatically go about figuring out how to remedy that situation. Changing motors, rotors and even shrouds is a common part of the tweeking process for me so I need virtually every part of the EPS to be readily accessible and easily modified.

I'm a big believer that almost anything can be made to fly given the right mix of power to wing area and the proper CG. Since I'm not a great craftsman, KISS methodology virtually always prevails when I bash a kit. I start by determining where the most suitable/accessible position for the EDF unit would be. Once I've made that decision I go about making whatever changes are necessary, to make that location work. If I'm moving a fan unit rearwards 4 inches (the shorter the distance from the impeller to the compressed thrust point the better), then I know that I'll need to make the necessary offsetting changes to the anterior weight placement in order to maintain the AC's optimum CG.

This first series of pictures shows an ME-262's nacelle/EDF unit modification. Note in the first picture there is NO EDF unit visible now.In order to preserve CG a battery compartment modification was necessary. I determine...Continue Reading