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Posted by chevypower1930 | Aug 28, 2010 @ 01:07 PM | 2,822 Views
First off hey everyone, haven't been on the forums in a while...

I'm 20 years old and have been flying since I was about 16... flew a ridiculous amount for the first 3 years.. it's all I thought/did/bought. I then got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and had 2 REAL bad flare ups, I was in bed rest for 2 months each time, second time hospitalized... I'm 6 foot and was down to 119 pounds both times. Just a VERY sick kid for those 2 months.

Once I got better and got on this new real powerful medicine and it kept me pretty healthy for a few months I got a good job at Rhino Linings and saved a lot of money in just a couple months and decided to really live and went back to my childhood dream of racing motocross.. so I really pursued that and bought a 2002 CR 125... practiced and practiced and stepped up to a 2006 CRF 450 to race. and this all happened from January of this year!

So I didn't really touch my glow planes much :/ still played with my foamies and bought a couple new park flyers so my thumbs are still pretty fresh! I actually bought a DX7 system because I knew I wasn't going to leave this hobby and thought it's about time to step up to 2.4 technology..

but anyways now the bad news. I got hit by another flare 3 weeks ago. Admitted into the hospital after just 1 week... was there for 5 days when they scheduled emergency surgery (Ileostomy) which is where they completely remove your colon and pull the end of your intestine through your abdomen and that's where...Continue Reading