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Posted by deadbird | Jul 19, 2012 @ 03:46 AM | 5,999 Views
Nearing the stage where I hope to realise a dream of producing and selling kits into the hobby market!

A very exciting time but it has been and still is a very stressful journey to get this far. I'm incredibly excited and yet also very nervous about whether this idea will work in the real world.

It's realistically taken 18 months of working most of my spare time (and some work time) to get to this point and I have learned a great deal - I think the best bit has been the fact that I can now illustrate aircraft, something I didnt know I was capable of.

I have been able to use my experiences in product design to keep things moving along and ensure the product and components have been well tested before releasing into the big bad world. We'll soon see if my experience in marketing and sales come to anything.

The website will be launching on the 1st September 2012 if most things go to plan.

If you have a Spektrum AR6400 or 6400L Rx lying around or ready to fall out of a battered old UM, these kits will provide a very exciting new home for the brick!...Continue Reading