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Posted by deadbird | Apr 19, 2012 @ 05:02 AM | 6,057 Views
More bits done. Everything just tacked on for the photo. Need to paint before final assembly & top wing. Still more building to do - inner struts need shrouding and the plan is that the twin Vickers are doubling as a battery hatch.

Coming together though!
Posted by deadbird | Apr 17, 2012 @ 05:13 PM | 5,814 Views
Just finished putting the wheels together. The black neoprene chord works a treat and I made wheel covers from paper.

Also started shrouding the CF rods making up the wing struts with 1mm depron squashe further to about .5mm thick and scored inside on the fold and glued with UHU por.

Cowling has just been put on to check the look!
Posted by deadbird | Apr 15, 2012 @ 08:36 AM | 5,620 Views
I havent had a chance to do any more to it but here are a few more pics. I Moulded the cowl out of Depron too - it took more than 10 attempts to do it. Why I didnt just make it out of styrene using a plug I dont know. It will no doubt get shredded by the prop the first time it noses over so I'll have to anyway!

The wheels need finishing too. I found some 3mm dia black neoprene chord (weighs nothing) that is ideal for the tyres so my shaped Depron tyres will have to go.