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Posted by deadbird | Apr 04, 2011 @ 04:33 PM | 11,126 Views
I recently and with much regret, decided to put my first attempt of a micro Bf109 in moulded depron onto the shelf for the time being as I was having a hard time keeping it in the air. More down to my lack of flight experience with this type of bird than the plane itself I may add but I thought I should take a step back in one sense and try something a little more docile (I know - a camel isnt exactly the best choice with it's ultra short nose) while tackling a more complex build and pushing my depron manipulation skills further in the process.

Using the plaster mould method I used for the 109 I set about creating the moulds. This time however I had got hold of some 3mm Depron Aero - a lighter weight Depron if their could be such a thing & I wanted to test it out to see how it performed and see if more weight could be saved with little or no degredation of quality.

The other thing I was banking on was the expansion properties of Depron as the wings were 4.5mm at their thickest point so the depron would need to 'grow' between the male & female mould to produce a scale aerofoil.

I used a very hard plaster this time (Crystacast) with a liquid polymer added for extra strength. On advice gained in the forum chats I also washed the moulds in diluted epoxy resin before using them - UREEKA - I still have all of them and each is still in one piece. This made me a very happy man

It took a while to strike the right temperatures for the moulds and plenty of wax...Continue Reading