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Posted by deadbird | Jan 24, 2011 @ 01:55 PM | 8,550 Views
This build has seen a couple of firsts on my part. It was the first time I had completely scratch built any aeroplane, wood, plastic or Depron. Saying that, I originally started to build a Hurricane MkI from moulded Depron and even got to the test flight stages with it, but I quickly learned that scale aerofoils really donít work to well at small scale. Too many crashes and not enough plaster moulds survived to make it worthwhile pursuing further so I decided on a fresh start and some new design ideas.

My second first was using an airbrush. On recommendation I put a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution at the top of my Santa list, and the big guy came up trumps. I knew if I wanted to end up with a model that came anywhere near resembling its full scale counterpart Iíd need to learn how to wield one. An airbrush would also allow a thin, controlled layer of paint to be applied so keeping weight down. In fact the acrylics I used have also created a toughened exterior layer on the Depron too.

Here are the details of the specification. I'll post up more details of the build when I get some more time:

Model: Messerschmitt Bf109E-4N Kdr. JG26 A.Galland France Sept. 1940

Wingspan: 310mm
Length: 270mm

AUW: 22.2g

Fuselage: Moulded 3mm Depron (Plaster bucks)
Wings & ailerons: Moulded 2mm Depron, undercamber profile (Plaster bucks)
Horizontal stabs & elevatators: Moulded 2mm Depron (Plaster bucks)
Spinner & Wheels: Moulded 2 Part PU foam (Silicone bucks)
Exhausts & intakes: 1mm Depron cut, folded & glued
Removeable U/C: fine guage wire, carbon fibre tubing & 1mm Depron

RC Equipment
Prop: GWS 4 x 4 Microspeed
Motor: 6mm 4.5ohm motor + gearbox. 5.25:1 gear ratio
Rx & Servos: Parkzone PKZ 3351 for motor, elevator & aileron control
Battery: 3.7v 70mAh Single Cell
Control horns: 0.5mm plastic card
Control rods: fine guage wire