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Posted by rshelby | May 03, 2014 @ 03:01 PM | 3,149 Views
RC Electronics has announced a sale for the USA only in an attempt to grow the number of people trying GPS Triangle Racing. This sale is for complete sets only. A complete set as shown in the picture below will be $800 for a limited time. (Probably just this summer) Normally it is 800 Euro which generally translates to $1105. Sets must be ordered through me. I can be contacted via PM or email.
Posted by rshelby | Apr 23, 2014 @ 01:22 PM | 2,786 Views
Here is a video of a speed run at Visalia in March of 2014. Speed runs are very fun but require a lot of practice to get right. The idea is to fly one lap around the 2.4 km triangle course as fast as possible. The same start restrictions as the distance task apply. You can be no higher than 500 m and no faster than 120 kph at the start line. After that you can do whatever you want. I typically cross the finish line at about 100 mph (160 kph). A quick lap is anything less than 1 minute 10 seconds. Less than 1 minute is really fast.

Visalia Speed Run (2 min 43 sec)
Posted by rshelby | Aug 02, 2013 @ 03:38 AM | 4,229 Views
Since I have not had much luck with the video this week, I will provide a written description of the components of the RC Electronics system. The manuals on the RC Electronics website are the best I have seen for electronic components, but like all manuals, they are best understood by someone who is already familiar with the product. Hopefully my descriptions below will provide you with at least some small measure of familiarity. Then I encourage you to read the manuals. They are short and to the point so it doesn’t take long to read them. The one caveat is the manual for the T3000. It is very good, but it describes the component as it was when I first used one. That is, it was only designed to be used for GPS Triangle racing. Now it can also do XC racing, F3B distance and speed, and F3F. The vario is now much more sophisticated as well, having an averager function and a second display screen. None of these new features are in the manual. I intend to document these new features as soon as I can, but that thing that most of us have to deal with called “work” keeps getting in the way. And I am still trying to figure out the video thing.

The RC Multi2 is the heart of the onboard system. It is so named because it can do multiple functions. It is a barometric altimeter with an integrated data logger that logs all the data fed to it. When installed alone in an electric sailplane it can function as an F5J/ALES altitude limiter. There are both male and female servo...Continue Reading
Posted by rshelby | Jul 17, 2013 @ 01:59 PM | 3,360 Views
I have been using the RC Electronics T3000 hardware for GPS Triangle racing and XC racing for the past 9 months. I have been so impressed with how well it works and how receptive the company is to making changes that I have decided to become a dealer. I will try to keep at least 1 or 2 of everything in stock. Attached is a price sheet. All prices include shipping in the lower 48 states.

For details on the components check out the RC Electronics website I have been working closely with the company for the past few months to greatly expand the capabilities of the T3000. It was originally designed solely for GPS Triangle racing with giant scale sailplanes. New firmware is now available that allows the unit to also do XC racing, F3B Distance, F3B Speed, F3F, or just thermal flying. We are currently working on adding pylon racing as well. The vario has also been greatly expanded from what is shown in the manual. It now has an averager feature where it calculates and displays the average thermal strength over a user selected time period. It also announces the height gained or lost during that time period.

I will try to continually update this blog with tips on how to use the new features. To see a review I did of the original T3000 and an example of flying a lap of GPS Triangle racing go to

Links to demo videos:

GPS Triangle Racing
Vario with thermal assistant

Thanks for looking