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Posted by 126jp | Sep 17, 2010 @ 08:28 AM | 2,831 Views
Thought you guys would like to see my EXPERIMENTAL. It’s a highly modified KR1.

IFR equipped.
Revmaster 2100 CC Turbo VW w/ constant speed prop.
Cruise: 130 knts. Top: 140knts. Stall: 61 knts.
EW: 951 lbs. (Heavy! Thus its name.) Gross: 1460 (Both wings are fuel tanks).

Gave it to a UPS captain buddy.

I finished building it in a 10’x20’ self storage cubicle. At the time, another block of storage units were being built in the compound and the contractor would often stop by to check on my progress. One day he asked me if I would take $500.00 (1985 $’s) to put his company name on the airplane for the first flight.

How long do you think it took me to answer that request?

Paid two year’s insurance premiums! I flew it around Va. for a month w/ his name on the tail.

Takeoff 12:30 PM, Sunday, head to Hatteras. Wave to everybody on the fishing piers, land. Dip in the big pond w/ lighthouse backdrop. Back home by 6:00 PM.

What a blast!

Posted by 126jp | Sep 06, 2010 @ 12:01 PM | 2,816 Views

This vice has got to be worse than crack!

And for me the fix is much longer in coming as I gotta wait for some one to either build or repair my heli. Yeah, I lost my arms 23 years ago. My flight jacket was caught in the PTO shaft of a farm tractor I was using to erect a fence around our local airport while working my way through school. Nylon just doesn’t tear.

Then last year, a fighter jock friend of mine gives me a copy of RealFlight and says, “Here, try this.”

I got even w/ him.

I designed a foot control system. He built it. I bought a Heli Max Axe 400 and proceeded to wreck it. He fixed it. I wrecked it again. He fixed it again. I wrecked it at least seventeen more times. By the time Tom was ready to kick me out of his life, I could at least hover upright all orientations, including nose in, and fly figure eight circuits.

Then I found the HK 450 : hard to be cheaper for a 450 thread. I read it all (yeah Rocket, every post, though you’re correct early posts are no longer applicable). I did however, buy three kits when I was about 1/3rd through, and all electronics by the time I was half through.

I wish I had waited as you folks’ advice on the thread just kept getting better and better. I think my servo and motor selection suffered.

My gear:

HK 450 V2
Turnigy Typhoon 2215H w/ 11 tooth steel pinion (so quiet!)
TURNIGY Sentry 40amp Speed Controller
3x HXT 900 cyclic servos
DS 480 tail servo
HK401B gyro—DS switch ON, 35% Tx gain, 125 gyro pot limit...Continue Reading