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Posted by GC9N | May 19, 2017 @ 07:28 AM | 30,857 Views
Hello All .

I want to share my new Firmware for Realacc + other DIY Diversity modules Called AchilleΣ, I been working with 5808 modules for 1,5 year , I found and learned a lot of things since then , I also manage to add an OSD into the module but this design is not so elegant to apply , because in order to accept this idea the entire module have to be redesigned from scratch . (i am open for proposals) , so I stopped developing into the OSD .feature.

After countless hours of keyboard bashing and lots of caffeine, beer, and more alcohol
AchilleΣ is now born and he wants to fight against bad signal


Some of the Features that AchilleΣ includes.

Is not supporting 48 or 72 But 583 Channels!
Ultra Search , Starts to search into the predefined band-channels until the desired frequency found .If that happen AchilleΣ auto tunes -3Mhz up to +3Mhz and votes for the channel with the best RSSI.
Manual, classic manual search ,but with the ability to search Mhz by Mhz over the band. With single click is jumping over predefine freqs and by holding the up or down button fine tuning over each MHZ.
NEWEVENT mode , Searching down all the 5.8 band and keeps in memory only the running channels, then you can browse them one by one.
NEWFAST mode , a very handy feature to find very fast a frequensy or a band.
Favorite channels up to 10. You can Save predefine band channel or even a custom frequency. Start Up channel selection.
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Posted by GC9N | Jul 11, 2014 @ 02:05 AM | 5,116 Views
I got in my hands recently a TARANIS radio and i start to play around with the Telemetry data from X8R RX , i found some projects that already work for FrSky like Mavlink_Frsky project , that do the communication between the Mavlink and Frsky. with the help of my Friend Nicolas "nicodh" i found some other sources like Altastation , that takes MK data and concatenates them in order to show them into a smal Lcd with Arduino.
So i start some developent to combine those two projects , and take the good parts of them . i finsish this project in just 3 days , so there are plenty more things to do , i call every body who can to participate in this project in order to get it grow , nicodh starts a custom firmware for Taranis for example.

So i am pushing data to Taranis like.

The project is open source in github https://github.com/gc9n/Taranis_MK_Nettraptor
so a participation from Developers will be a great idea in order to brake the bonds from comercial telemtry Radios , i did the start !

I am Using a Teensy 3.1 because this little thing is Fast,have 3 couples of serials (RX TX) , small.

The connectivity is like this