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Posted by GC9N | Jul 11, 2014 @ 02:05 AM | 3,702 Views
I got in my hands recently a TARANIS radio and i start to play around with the Telemetry data from X8R RX , i found some projects that already work for FrSky like Mavlink_Frsky project , that do the communication between the Mavlink and Frsky. with the help of my Friend Nicolas "nicodh" i found some other sources like Altastation , that takes MK data and concatenates them in order to show them into a smal Lcd with Arduino.
So i start some developent to combine those two projects , and take the good parts of them . i finsish this project in just 3 days , so there are plenty more things to do , i call every body who can to participate in this project in order to get it grow , nicodh starts a custom firmware for Taranis for example.

So i am pushing data to Taranis like.

The project is open source in github https://github.com/gc9n/Taranis_MK_Nettraptor
so a participation from Developers will be a great idea in order to brake the bonds from comercial telemtry Radios , i did the start !

I am Using a Teensy 3.1 because this little thing is Fast,have 3 couples of serials (RX TX) , small.

The connectivity is like this