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Posted by Cubber1 | Jul 03, 2009 @ 07:21 PM | 3,327 Views
My first "real" RC-plane:


1. Maiden, far too much wind, but just had to try... Launched into the wind, but new to hand launching, and gave the plane too little speed, resulting in a speedy touchdown to the gravel, but the plane bounced back up, and I "flew" it into the wind, gaining height quickly.
Tried to turn away from the wind, had too little speed, and went down quickly 45 degrees - to the gravel. The crash looked ugly, but no damage, the wheels took the main impact probably.

2. Nicer conditions, flying ground maybe a bit worse. Some quick crashes from take-off again, and some ok flight with moderate crash-landings )..

3. New place to fly again in Ask°y, double football-field, and nice conditions. Had a couple of good flight, and even landed nicely - beginner's luck. Quit the flying while ahead !

4. Strange conditions at Stemmemyren, wind seemed to come from all sides. Resulted in a few moderate crashes to the gravel. Some strange behaviour from servos was also suspected, maybe causing one crash.

5. Flying at Storetveit, started out with another beginner-error, launched in side/back-wind, resulting in crash. Continued the successful day by getting the plane stuck about 6meters up in a bunch of trees. Got it down after a lot of work. Flew some more and crashed more than I could believe. The most unbelieveable part was that nothing seems to happen to the plane.

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