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Posted by kevinb120 | Dec 23, 2009 @ 11:28 AM | 3,413 Views
Figured I'd start putting some of my more elaborate posts in one place...

I used the 'greased lightning' cleaner, takes it right off. I went through the nefarious process of completely tearing down the head, with the CopterX, the threadlock is INSANE, and I had to cut off 3 balls before I gave up and did it with bearings installed. Making it warm makes it go much faster, I just put hot water in the bathroom sink and put the little container with cleaner in it(so it floats in the warm water like a boat). Cleaner does not hurt chromed parts or the sealed bearings, so I wasted a bunch of time at first. Next time I would only pull the main shaft, remove the grips(strip all bearings and bushings) and pull off the plastic swash control arms, then just dip the assemblies. Could of had it done in under 2 hours and fully reassembled.

The only 'trick' is to not let it sit too long to where black oxidation appears, or hold it in your fingers for any extended period without rinsing it completely as it leaves brown stains from your finger oils. If either happens though, you just dip it again. The tail machining is a little rough so its not shiny when done, but looks like 'real' metal. I never bothered to finish it with anything and hasn't caused any issue. I tried to paint a few parts but ended up stripping them. If you HAVE to have it a color, I would just get the EXI gunmetal head/tail.

I followed the instructions in the youtube video, pretty much pull the parts out(you can agitate them with a tooth brush for stubborn spots, or use a q-tip periodically to clean out inner races/shaft openings. It comes right off. As with most chemicals and cleaners, just let it do its thing, trying to scrub it when not done is a waste of time, just put it back in the cleaner. I was worried it would hurt stuff, it doesn't.

On mine, the swash is still blue, as its hidden well inside the doghouse. The cleaner does not seem to effect standard sealed bearings or the finish on chrome or brass parts.