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Posted by chrisellington | May 25, 2009 @ 11:32 PM | 2,069 Views
So I thought I'd learn to fly. Ordered a Nexstar EP with the sim included. Used the sim and It doesn't seem too tough. The size, structure, and $ of the Nexstar scared me enough that I bought a HZ Super Cub to start with. Good choice I think. Probably have eight or so short flights on the Cub. So far I have only broken one prop, had to land out of sight (long story, good lesson). I really haven't "crashed" it yet. I don't find flying relaxing yet however, it's somewhat stressful for me. I'm going to get another sim and keep flying. I feel the sim will help me get used to the inputs and make it so I don't have to "think" when I make them. I've raced rc cars for about ten years, they don't scare me. When I get into trouble my inputs to the radio are automatic, like reflexes. A plane is a whole different deal. It is fun.


Only have about one hour of flight time on the SC. I'm a slacker, don't fly much. Did fly today for nine minutes. I'm still learning and don't try any tricks. So far I have only broken the prop, not the plane. I have the older version of the Cub. Great plane. This is my second plane. First was an Aerowad or something like that. This site, six keys for success and a good USED SIM AEROFLY PRO DELUXE. (I bought for $80 with a controller, search this forum!!), will be a great help.