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Posted by Wildweasel09 | Nov 01, 2011 @ 10:06 AM | 5,548 Views
Hello friends,

Today, finally I received the news that my rc air force was unloaded at Santos Harbor. It took 2 long months to arrive, now I need to wait 15 days more for our customs to clear them...

I have been checking everything about rc here in Brazil and my first impressions are:

*They are very organized, in a city like Sao Paulo you can find many groups dedicated to rc,
*Places to fly: This is a big problem here. Sao Paulo doesn't have a lot of places to fly, there are too many buildings, transit, and people, thus it lacks open spaces for rc practice, but, they manage to fly in stadiums parking lots, indoors at the Ibirapuera stadium, and in some soccer fields.
*The rc practice here have another problem: the security. You should never try to fly alone in some places here, they advise that you should have a group whenever you fly so the others can watch your six preventing assaults and robberies (so no more tests at fields alone for me). Some people here had all their equipment, car and money stolen while flying alone, or sometimes even groups had some equipment stolen...
*Prices: Planes, equipment, radios, batteries are way overpriced here, for instance:

Aurora 9 tx, price in Brazil R$1.639,80 (us$ 910.00) in the USA $359.00.
Battery 3s 2500mah in Brazil R$214,00 (us$ 119.00) in the USA $28.50.
Minimoa Glider in Brazil R$877.00 (us$ 487.00) in the USA $189.00.
hobby shop in Brazil: http://www.hobbydelivery.com.br/site...secao.asp?id=2
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