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Posted by flyrcehelis | Apr 26, 2010 @ 05:07 PM | 3,338 Views
I just made a new forum: Check it out and join if you want!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Apr 11, 2010 @ 02:12 AM | 3,568 Views
I seriously want to know. I guess it's because I went to a gymnastic show and then went to my Mom's alumni. But still, why?
Posted by flyrcehelis | Mar 16, 2010 @ 03:38 PM | 3,739 Views
So this is the story of how of I got interested in R/C.

When I was younger my older cousin and I decided to build a helicopter. And we're talking full size heli. So, we did some sketches and got to building a wooden frame. I asked him who was going to fly it first. He said,"You can fly it first." You can tell who was older. The frame was coming along pretty well, until one day it disappeared. I think one of the adults took it and burned it for our own good! Or at least threw it away...Anyways, I also wanted to be a pilot. Then I wanted to build a glider. That never happened.

In 2008, on the way to Mexico for a mission trip/vacation, I bought a Fly R/C magazine. I've been hooked ever since. And I'm still pursuing my dream to become a pilot.
Posted by flyrcehelis | Mar 04, 2010 @ 02:37 PM | 3,805 Views
Just wanted to say that I'm flyrcehelis on and, and xtremeflyer.comopc orn: Oh yeah and on RCU also.
Posted by flyrcehelis | Mar 03, 2010 @ 03:55 PM | 3,763 Views
I made 25 posts TODAY... wow I need to get a life!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Feb 24, 2010 @ 05:10 PM | 3,952 Views
Woohoo!!! I just hit 500 posts! Half way to 1000! Yippee!!!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Jan 26, 2010 @ 02:09 PM | 4,048 Views
I realize that I haven't added anything to my blog in a long time, but I don't have anything to talk about. I did make a new wall stand for one of my planes though, who wants how to do it?
Posted by flyrcehelis | Sep 13, 2009 @ 12:43 PM | 4,553 Views
Can you do this?

Greatplanes Yak 54 living room hover (0 min 34 sec)

Posted by flyrcehelis | Aug 06, 2009 @ 12:54 PM | 4,960 Views
1. Don't throttle up yet until I...YEOWCH!

2. Don't get too close to the prop...AGH! MY ARM!

3. Now flip the gear switch to let down to landing gear...CRUNCH! I SAID GEAR SWITCH NOT THE THROTTLE CUT BUTTON!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Aug 06, 2009 @ 11:59 AM | 5,115 Views
I have created a thread in the New Forum Requests forum for a BNF Models forum. Read the posts from Admins to find out how to make this happen. Well, I'll tell you: Post a reply on the thread saying you want this idea to become a forum. It's located here: Then the admin will hold a poll to vote yes or no if the thread gets 50 good replies. If the poll gets over 75% "Yes" votes it will be created and put on a probation period for 30 days. If it is used, it will be kept. Let's make this happen people! It will be a first. And you can always say, "I helped make that forum." Thanks!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Aug 02, 2009 @ 11:22 PM | 4,958 Views
Just to let ya'll know: right now is a great time to buy on eBay. There is some awesome deals. i saw a DX7 go for 102.50! eBay, here we come!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Jul 27, 2009 @ 01:19 PM | 4,957 Views
I'm holding a coolest plane contest.

Rules and things like that are explained in the thread. Thanks!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Jul 10, 2009 @ 12:43 PM | 4,912 Views
Just watch to the end of the video and you'll see it!

RC Airplane Crash - Video (0 min 15 sec)

Posted by flyrcehelis | Jul 07, 2009 @ 10:53 AM | 4,967 Views
Hey, I need some money for a DX6i, so I'm selling a bunch of my micro helis and things of that sort. Here is a link to the thread:
I really need to sell this stuff. If you just want to trade a used DX6i for all this stuff, then I can throw in about $10 or more and some motors and miscellaneous stuff. But the bottom line is [/I]I need a used DX6i![I] I don't care how scratched up it is, I need a used DX6i!
Posted by flyrcehelis | Jul 03, 2009 @ 03:47 PM | 5,285 Views
I'm glad this is not my helicopter!

RC Helicopter Crash Funny !!! (2 min 2 sec)

Posted by flyrcehelis | Jun 29, 2009 @ 10:38 AM | 4,958 Views
OK, so I'm a lot closer to having everything I need to build the EXI 450. Basically all I need is a ESC and RX battery. And I just found this awesome video on youtube.
Somenzini Aircraft Yak 54 Aerobatics (7 min 3 sec)

Posted by flyrcehelis | May 24, 2009 @ 09:53 PM | 5,110 Views
Sigh...I am tired. Exhausted. No energy. Sapped of all of it. But I am making some progress in collecting the things I will need to build my EXI 450. I only have the Tx and servos ordered, but at the I'm going I will have everything else pretty soon(hopefully ). I can't buy the Rx though until they're back in stock. I'll post some pics soon when I've finished building it.