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Posted by grumman5277 | Apr 08, 2012 @ 12:13 PM | 4,508 Views
Been playing around with quads and tri-copters for awhile.
Started with the wii shield and found it no so user friendly.once setup it worked fine,I just prefer not to make anything other then flying my hobby.

My mini is a Bambucopter ( purchased this as a complete package deal offered by another RCG memeber in the for sale forums. I had a Hobby king v1 KK board with + mode (factory software) and used it. The Hobby king 5x3 props are almost unusable so a bought GWS 5x3x3's which were 100% easier to balance.

Lift off is about 60% throttle and only minor throttle changes make a big difference. I am using the nanotech 850's 2s packs that came with the package deal.they work great and even nicer can be charged up to 5c.The leds are strip type purchased from
with a mod for 2s use.I removed one led and added a jumper in its place.They are just as bright as 3s.

Con's :
use quality props
ditch the stock 1811 prop saver mounts.I replaced with;
Hobbyking v1 board :not really a con with the new KK software but managed almost hands off hovering as is.

My x525 is assembled but waiting on my gear to finish.It is the same as the Hobby King and goodluck buy. As mentioned in the forums the quality of the booms are so so.The holes do not align at all. I purchased 4 36in. towel bars at Menards which are installed and didn't add much weight and looks...Continue Reading