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Posted by grumman5277 | Apr 30, 2010 @ 01:21 AM | 8,259 Views
Hello again. Took a break to start working on the NewBreedRC line.

All of these are currently still in development but weather and time permitting will be released soon.

First up is something that's been on the back burner to long. It's the Q250 and will be possibly offered in two versions. One is a Q250C (combat) and the other Q250P Pylon as well as the materials to be built with a conventional tail group or a V-tail.The difference is the main wing design and airfoil selection.

The second is the EVO airfoil that will be used on all of the flying wings under the NewbreedRC name. It is the evolution of our product development in the flying wing arena. I have no pictures available as we are keeping things under warps until It is ready to release.

The third is the 36in delta which is the brain child of gotboostedvr6. It sports an 18in root. The rest of the details will follow as it will be in transit to him shortly.The other delta pictured is the TLAR 32in. which id Lmopar69's brainchild but bashed into a mid mount. It is being tested for this type of build and is part of the existing Ohio Combat product line.

The forth is our slowfly Evo series and the one pictured has a 28in span. The wing area is about 1.5sqft. and will fly without winglet's as tested. Our current auw is 8oz or about 5oz per sqft. The elevon's are part of the airfoil and cut during the CNC process so no hinging needed. As tested the battery placement using the motor pictured is almost dead center of the airfoil. Lighter batteries and equipment will easily balance this wing as well as support a wide variety of larger equipment but may sacrifice a little of it's slower flight envelope.

The fifth project is the 32in guillotine pre laminated and trimmed with a color scheme. These can be assembled in very short order. The Prop cutout and equipment areas are left blank unless requested.