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Posted by ender707 | Mar 15, 2010 @ 08:36 PM | 4,518 Views
Last Memorial Day Holiday, I went on a Camping Trip to the Public Lands near Susanville California with my In-Laws and their long time friends. These camping trips involve lots of Guns, and ATV/Dirt Bike riding. I brought along my F-27 Parkzone Stryker, and everybody got a real kick out of it.

They also all wanted to shoot it out of the Sky. This was my good plane full of good components, so of course I said no. BUT, I did promise them that the next year, I would bring a Stryker that they COULD shoot out of the Sky.

This is the Build Log for the Doomed bird, and will be receiving updates of the carnage after this 2010 Memorial Day camping trip including pictures/video of the madness.

The current plan is to allow the shooters to begin by using .22 Caliber Handguns/Rifles, and if the plane is still in Flying Condition by the end of the Long Weekend, the Doors Open for 12 Guage Shotguns! The plane will not be coming home intact, one way or another.

(Please note, we all practice strict safety while using fire arms, several of us are Veterans/Military, and the location is perfectly legal/suitable for this type of shooting)