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Posted by myrcmart | Sep 16, 2011 @ 12:40 PM | 11,340 Views
This is a High Quality CNC Metal Rotor Head Set from RCX Production designed for NE 260A (Solo Pro). Metal parts included a Swashplate, Main Shaft, Central Hub and a Swashplate Guide. It makes your Solo Pro much more *handsome*, *unique* and *durable*.

Some people claimed that this Rotor Head Set is too heavy and the motor does not have enough power to lift up the helicopter which is not true. The reason they said this is because they purchased the rotor head set with a Solid Main Shaft from other sellers (not us), the weight of the solid main shaft is really too heavy which caused of that problem. But RCX has designed a light weight Hollow Main Shaft could solve the problem easily (watch the video to see it in action). However, you still need a bit of skill and experience to equip it on your Solo Pro.

Still thinking?? This wholesales price won't be last long. RCX has set this price for the first 500 sets only to cover the CNC mold cost. So, Hurry!!


* Material: Metal
* Color: Silver
* Weight: Approx. 4~5g

Package includes:

* 1 Set x RCX High Quality CNC Metal Rotor Head Set (Nine Eagles Solo Pro / 260A)
Posted by myrcmart | Sep 07, 2011 @ 11:16 AM | 10,230 Views
Light servo! Great for indoor and small park flyers where large throws are not used.Universal servo connector. Includes several servo horns, grommets and mounting screws.


* Light weight high strength casing
* Recommended for micro airplanes and helicopters
* Different servo horns included for different application


* Weight: 3.7g
* Size: 19.8 x 8.0 x 22.5mm
* Operating Speed: 0.12sec/60o
* Stall Torque : 0.7kg/cm
* Operating Voltage: 4.8-6 Volts

Package Included

* 1 x RCX S3707 Standard Analog Servo (3.7g / 0.12sec / 0.7kg)
* 1 x Set of Servo Arm