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Posted by Mike Hyland | May 03, 2011 @ 01:09 AM | 3,498 Views
Good evening from Prince George B.C. Canada. I have three slow sticks and only one front wing and wire landing gear mount left. Does any one have parts they want to get rid of?. The front mount is essentially what I need. Please let me know and I will gladly pay you for the parts and shipping. Cheers Mike. this 65 year old wannabe Stick pilot is getting frustrated re: trying to find parts without buying the whole kit and kaboodle. m.hyland55@shaw.ca fax 250-962-8318
Posted by Mike Hyland | Feb 04, 2011 @ 10:55 PM | 2,188 Views
Good evening from prince George B.C. Canada. Re: My Pats custom modelsd 60 inch Jenny build. I have asked about stringing wire wheels: no answer but how about someone giving this uoung 65 year old wanna be Jenny Pilot a hint. I am at a point to installing my Pull Pull system in My Curtiss Jenny ( Canuck in Canada) I can see by a diagram in the build thread that the Rudder servo has two adjustable wires with a loop and can be adjusted to set up the proper rudder allignment. However how do I set up tension on the pull pull system to be equal? Please call me at m.hyland55@shaw.ca I email pat at times and he has been very gracious however he is usually quite busy and I hesitate to bother. Cheers Mike Hyland 250-962-8318 ph 250-962-8314 fax for a diagram. home tonight time now 1934 Friday evening Feb 04/2011
Posted by Mike Hyland | Nov 20, 2010 @ 02:56 AM | 2,933 Views
Good evening from Prince George B.C. Canada. I have been building a Pat Trittle 60 inch JN4-Jenny for the past year and when complete she will be decorated in a Canadian Colour scheme. Now I have found on this site information on building simulated wire wheels from pvc pipe and perhaps spider wire fishing line. I see the pictures and some information as how to construct and thread the spokes. Being a wannabe Jenny pilot I am more than just interested in building these. However I am having difficulty under standing and viewing the information as described . Please help this old fella of 64 now. Well not too old just a wee bit old Ha Ha. I need to have some larger plans with a bit more precise information describing the construction of these wheels as described by PeterRake and as provided to him by Roger Huber. Sorry Gentlemen I am missing something here. I am not able to see how the hubs are made and the spokes how they are threaded. I am having trouble understanding the drawn spoke threading plan etc. I feel these wheels are what I truly want and are within in my mechanical ability and budget. My Jenny will be very similar to a Jenny on display at the Reynolds Aviation Museum in Wetaskawin Alberta. I have pictures of her if anyone would like me to e-mail them. Keep in touch cheers and good night. Mike m.hyland55@shaw.ca