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Posted by Willsonman | Mar 22, 2012 @ 05:01 PM | 6,848 Views
Well, I knew the wind would be calm but overcast so I headed out this morning to get it done.

First up was the Windrider SBD Dauntless. I modified it to have split flaps and a dropping bomb. Flight went fine. I made sure to get up some peed before a gentle pull back of the stick. Needed some trim on roll but nothing major. Tried bottom flaps... some lift but not a wild amount. Top flaps... slows down wildlybut makes the tail control surfaces a bit mushy. I tried using both flaps... bottom then top. She started to roll unexpectedly and ailerons would not recover so I removed the top flaps and pulled out. I dropped the bomb and the magned system worked flawlessly. Though it took awhile to find a green bomb in green grass. The yellow stripe gave it away. Landing I made sure to keep the prop going to have speed over the tail. No flaps deployed but touched down nicely with no tendency to vary on its path.

Second up was the Goldberg Eagle2. Take off really required a lot of juice but once up I was at 1/2 throttle or less. Really a pussy cat and wonderful trainer. SHe had a very bad tendency to toll and maxed out my trim to get her to fly level. I'll be adjusting the ailerons mechanically to correct this. Needed to up trim as well but on power off she had a nearly level glide path right into the wind. I had to wave off my first landing attempt and had about 2" of runway left when I finally got her down. I also notice the roll rate was not fast at all so I upped the travel to 125% on my Tx. Took her back up and all was well. Really no bad habits and just a great afternoon lazy plane to fly.
Posted by Willsonman | Mar 05, 2012 @ 10:35 PM | 6,942 Views
Ok, so recently I ordered the infamous HXT900 servos just to try them out and I have to say they are literally a carbon copy of the Tpro servos over at Hobbypartz. Even the same color case. The only difference is the sticker on the outside. The included hardware and length of wire as well. Cheaper? not by that much... it pays off in the speed of delivery. From hobby king? 2.5 weeks. HP? 6 days.

No in defense of HK I also just received one of the new SK3 motors.
Seriously one of the nicest and smoothest running motors I have ever encountered. It comes very well packaged and the accessories are well padded in the box as to not come loose and scratch anything. The finish is perfect and quality looks good. The stator windings are not perfect but pretty close. With up to 560W on tap it sure will make anything I put it in go fast. I think I'll get this one next.
755 watts could be useful.