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Posted by xplaneguy | Apr 10, 2014 @ 07:45 PM | 11,590 Views
This past weekend I had the pleasure of flying the maiden and second flight of the HET Mig-21. What a thrill! The Mig-21 is powered by a 5S 3300 mAh battery utilizing a Wemo fan and Arc motor. At WOT, the speed was impressive!

The jet is owned by my friend Tim, built by friend John and flown by me. Team HET Mig-21 pulled off two successful flights and more importantly, what made this project fun was that it was a "Team" effort.

Thanks to Tim and John for this fun experience. Sharing our passion for model aviation is the true essence of this hobby.

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 12, 2014 @ 02:11 PM | 12,184 Views
Here's some great photos taken by my good friend Mike Gaasch of my Supreme Hobbies A320 flying at the Apollo XI Field, Van Nuys, CA on Sunday, 9 March 2014.

Thanks Mike!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 06, 2014 @ 07:07 PM | 12,704 Views
Here's another great offering, the Freewing SBD-5 Dauntless available from Banana Hobby. I picked this one up at the AMA Expo at a great show price from BH. This model is an impressive EPO warbird with awesome scale looks and stable flight charateristics. The Dauntless flies on a 4S 2200 mAh battery pack and performance is respectable and well matched for this scale model. The Freewing Dauntless is a model that looks fantastic on the ground and in the air, especially in the air!

More of the story:

This Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless is one of Freewing's best RC model reproductions yet. Measuring in at 1330mm wingspan (53-3/8") with a length of 1040mm (41"), one of the most striking scale appearances is the unique scale split "dive" flaps. Being the U.S. Navy's main dive bomber in the 1940's, the Dauntless was best known for delivering fatal blows to the Japanese carriers in the Battle of Midway.

Other great details are the very scale propeller and rotary engine design. High strength scale servoless retracts and perfectly replicated paint and color scheme add to the realism of this incredible RC model. Looks are nothing without performance and the SBD-5 delivers in spades.

Wingspan 1330mm (52.4 inch)
Length 1040mm (41 inch)
Flying Weight 1750g (61.7 oz)
Drive System 3648 KV600 Brushless OutRunner Motor
Propeller 3-Paddle
Speed Controller Hobbywing 40A Brushless ESC
Servo 6X 9g
Retract System Servoless Retracts
Battery 14.8V 2200mAh 25C Li-...Continue Reading
Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 27, 2014 @ 06:40 PM | 18,411 Views
Here's a bunch of photos of the New Supreme Hobbies 1100mm span Airbus A320 available from PW-RC.com. Two recommendations: Cut foam ailerons and install pin type hinges. Use a 3S 2200 battery for best flight times and better flying qualities. Great model with cool landing gear, 50mm 11 blade EDF fans and scale appearance. A keeper!

Here's the dedicated thread on the A320:

- Super Scale & High Performance Electric Ducted Fan Airway Plane.
- Twin 50mm 11 Blade High Performance EDF installed.
- Detachable Main Wing & CF Tube
- Both A320 & A320 NEO Wing Tip options .
- Electric Retract Landing Gear With CNC Metal Strut installed.
- Gear Door System Installed.
- Specific 8 Sec Sequencer For Scale Gear Door Action ( Door Open - Gear Down - Door Close , Door Open - Gear Up - Door Close ).
- Large Battery Room Which Can Fit With High Capacity Li-Po Battery For Longer Flying Time.
- Decorative Nozzle Of Nacelle ( Unpaint ) Include.
- Twin EDF Power System designed for 3S 11.1v Or 4S 14.8v Battery For Scale Or Speed Flying.

- Material: Durable EPO
- Wingspan : 1,086mm ( 42.8in )
- Length : 1,200mm ( 47.2in )
- Flying weight: Around 1,200 - 1,400g ( 42.3 - 49.4 OZ )
- Servo: 9 x 5g Servo ( Installed )
- Landing Gear : Electric Retract Landing Gear With CNC Metal Strut ( Installed )
- Ducted Fan: 50mm Ducted Fan ( 11 Blade ) x 2 (...Continue Reading
Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 07, 2014 @ 06:29 PM | 11,602 Views
Here's shots on the new Durafly 1100mm P-51D Old Crow. The same as the Durafly 1100mm P-51D Ferocious Frankie, just a new color scheme.

This nice looking and great flying Mustang is yet another great addition to the Durafly 1100mm Warbird Series.

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 06, 2014 @ 06:47 PM | 11,759 Views
This is the ARF version of the Blitz RC Works 50mm Viper Jet available from Banana Hobby:


•3 Channel Full Function Radio Controlled (Aileron, Elevator &Throttle)
•BS2X 2 Axis Gyro Stabilization
•Detachable Nose
•Detachable Motor Hatch Secured with Rare Earth Magnets
•Pushrod Fairings
•Reinforced Winglets
•Winglets Provides Steady Flight Characteristics
•Factory Applied Decals
•EPO Foam

I have one flight on the Viper Jet using the 3S 25C 850 mAh battery and gyro not used....didn't need it. One ounce of weight was added to achieve CG but a 1000mAh battery would be the better option. Super stable flyer! I used 50% expo in the ailerons and elevator and it flew like a larger jet...even in a 10 mph crosswind. Inverted flight was rock solid with no bad tendencies.

This is a great flyer and a nice addition to the 50mm jet series.

Build thread for the 50mm Viper Jet:

Special thanks to Banana Hobby for providing this sample for review.

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Jan 29, 2014 @ 07:16 PM | 11,441 Views
This event was organized by RC Groups member Corsair Nut and RCG pilots turned out in force for an incredible, sunny Southern California day of fun, flying and fellowship. Sharing ideas and expertise, inspiring one another and just plain having fun is what makes these gathering so much fun.

Here's the thread on the gathering and below are photos from Saturday, Jan 25, 2014. Looking forward to the next get together.


All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Jan 26, 2014 @ 03:09 PM | 11,064 Views
Here's the latest EDF Jet from LX Models sold by Banana Hobby. This is one impressive size foamy EDF and it really looks the part. I spent a considerable amount of time hand painting the landing gear, exhaust area, U.S. National Insignia, pilots, control horns and added yellow stripping to the wing and horizontal stabilizer tips.

I decided to do a build thread on this Phantom after not doing one for quite a long time. The thread goes through the entire assembly of the LX F-4 PNP version with helpful tips and flight report here:


All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Dec 20, 2013 @ 11:37 PM | 10,226 Views
Is there anything better than an Aviation and Space Christmas Vacation in Florida? No, not really...lots of cool aviation venues and of course...the Kennedy Space Center! One of our favorite places on the planet!

The first two days of our eight day trip were spent at Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Fl and at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. All are must see places while in Florida! Jawdropping, mindblowing, incredible, historic, geeking out fun!

Tomorrow's mission.....RC Hobby Shops of Central Florida! Bring it!!!!!

Here's some photos!

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 30, 2013 @ 08:37 PM | 13,219 Views
When it comes to warbirds, the DeHavilland Mosquito is one fantastic twin engine medium bomber and the new Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI is a great model of this classic warbird. Assembly was quick and painless! The model offer cooling slot for the ESCs in the leading edge of the wings and the optional flap servo installation was quick and easy. The model flies beautifully on the recommended 3S 2200 mAh battery. With the battery position forward in the compartment, CG was right on the money. The maiden was smooth, painless and required no trim changes. The maiden flight was 5 min 30 secs and still had 46% left in the battery.

The big disappointment was the lack on the retract legs in the box for pilots wanting to add retracts. I contacted Horizon Hobby and they are sending me the optional retract structs free of charge. This looks to be an issue with all kits shipped out this week and they are working to fix this problem. So....if you want to add retracts, you'll require the retract structs which are should be included but are not, please call Horizon Hobby.

I'm looking forward to logging lots of flights on this Mossie. IMHO, this would be an outstanding first twin model for anyone wanting to add a twin powered plane to their fleet!

Fly Safe and Have Fun!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 16, 2013 @ 12:31 AM | 11,732 Views
Here's the RocHobby P-51 Strega from Motion RC. One word decribes this latest offering...IMPRESSIVE!

You have the option of flying Strega on either a 3S or 4S 2200mAh batttery. I went with 4S and the speed is AWESOME!

With 7 flights on this model, it has performed flawless. Using the 4S battery, flight times are between 4-5 minutes depending on how long you're in the throttle wide open.

The higher price initially caused hesitation in pulling the trigger but I'm glad I did. The Strega is a winner!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 14, 2013 @ 11:46 PM | 9,393 Views
During LA Jets held on Sunday, Nov 10th, JetCat USA Owner John Redman gave Evelyn the opportunity to fly his Composite ARF Ultra Flash powered by a JetCat USA P120SX which flies more than 200 mph. Pretty Cool!

Here's John write up about their flight together posted on the JetCat USA Facebook page:
"I had the true pleasure to take a new modeling friend into the sky on the Ultra Flash this past weekend. Evelyn currently flies the ParkZone T-28 with her father and enjoys the hobby. As she sat in the chair under the shade tree at LA Jets, taking care of JetDog, I thought, hmmmm ... time to hand her a transmitter. She grabbed on and headed skyward. Five minutes of flight time on her first turbine flight thanks to the buddy box system from Spektrum and a couple of DX18's. She flew with grace and I look forward to handing the Ultra Flash over to her again at a later date. Great Flight Girl!!!!! The pleasure was all ours! Until the next time we meet Evelyn ,,, enjoy the flight."




Thanks again John for this amazing experience for Evelyn and her proud father!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 04, 2013 @ 06:15 PM | 10,206 Views
Here's the latest edition to the fantastic Durafly Warbird Series from Hobby King, the Messerschmitt BF 110. If you're looking for a great twin powered warbird that is stable, fun and reasonably price, then this is the one you'll want. Evelyn and I took the model to the Apollo Warbird Squadron Fun Fly event for the maiden flight and it is now a proud addition to our warbird fleet.

I flew the model on a 3S 2200mAh battery though the model required three clicks of down trim with the battery position all the way forward. A 2500-2600 mAh battery would be the ideal choice though the model flew fantastic on the 2200. Flight times were approximately 5 minutes and the BF 110 flew fantastic inverted, even with the 2200. Rudders are very effective and rolls were impressive. Loops were smooth and clean. Landing gear worked perfectly as you would expect from a Durafly model. Like most PnP models, I'd like a little more power but honestly, the power is well matched for scale flying. This model does not come with flaps like the other Durafly warbirds but it it doesn't need them. I'm very happy with this latest offering from Hobby King and proud to fly it with the Apollo Warbird Squadron in Van Nuys, CA

During the four flights on Saturday, I was fortunate to receive fantastict photos from our good friend Mike Gaasch of this BF110. Thanks Mike!

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Aug 07, 2013 @ 04:57 PM | 11,554 Views
Two months ago, our friend Corey decided to part with his trusty Phase 3 P-38 which had recently lost the right outboard horizontal stabilizer in flight and he was ready to let it go. I bought it from him for the low price of $25. My daughter Evelyn is a huge P-38 fan and just loves the P-38F "Glacier Girl".

The interesting part of this model story is that for years, there was a Phase 3 P-38 hanging in the Santa Clarita Hobby People and we both wondered if it would ever be for sale? This was several years after HP discontinued that model. We asked an employee and they didn't know if they could sell it. A short time later, the model was gone!

Fast forward a few years, that model was purchased from the shop by Corey, who knew the Manager and now is owned by Evelyn. Talk about coming full circle! Needless to say, when Corey shared that info with us, I decided to restore the old P-38 as "Glacier Girl" for Evelyn.

Evelyn has flown "Glacier Girl" three times and loves it! She showed Corey his old P-38 and he was glad it went to a good home. A happy ending!

Here's some photos.

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Posted by xplaneguy | Jun 16, 2013 @ 02:43 PM | 11,609 Views
Here's photos taken on Saturday, June 8th during from the 2013 Scale Squadron of Southern California Fun Fly held at the Prado Field in Chino, CA. Once again, this event had a great gathering of pilots and aircraft and the weather was great in the morning with mild winds in the afternoon. Looking forward to next year's event.

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Jun 06, 2013 @ 06:51 PM | 14,204 Views
Here's photos of the 1875mm B-17 "Liberty Belle" which has been on the market for a few years now. The model comes as either the Memphis Bell or Liberty Belle. Though referred as the "Hobby King" 1875mm B-17, it's carried by several other distributors.

This is a wonderful flying model and excellent value for the money. They range in price from $250 to $330, depending who you purchase it from and if it's on sale. We have many pilots flying them in the Apollo B-17 Squadron and they absolutely love them. Our Squadron CO has more than 1300 flights on his aircraft and it has suffered several serious crashes and still flies today!

I'm flying mine on two 3S 3000mah batteries with flight times running between 7-9 minutes. The CG was right on the money with these batteries. The props from the FMS B-25. I repainted the top of the engine nacelles, detailed the engines, landing gear, wheels, exhaust, turbochargers, bombardier's seat and repainted the yellow markings.

Pick one up and start your own Squadron or join us in SoCal.

Apollo B-17 Squadron Thread:

Here's the HK B-17 thread:

All the best,
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