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Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 28, 2015 @ 11:35 AM | 12,621 Views
When I think of Burt Rutan, I think of a modeler who took his PASSION and BIG DREAMS to NEW HEIGHTS! Burt took his passion for model aviation further then anyone else and is still making those dreams reality, even in retirement. In the link below, you'll see Burt not only building another extraordinary aircraft—in his garage but you have the opportunity to support this amazing project. Very, Very Cool!

If you are a Burt Rutan fan or would just like to support a fellow modeler and AMA member, please check out the link below to support a documentary on the life of Burt Rutan. This has never been done before and can happen with your support.

I'm proud to support this documentary and I know you will be too! Also, check out the cool gifts being offered with your contribution.

Be sure to watch the great video on the link and please share this link with others. Thank you!


All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 11, 2015 @ 11:37 PM | 16,021 Views
Here's photos of the Freewing 90mm T-45 Goshawk, soon to be available from Motion RC, date TBD (hopefully in a few months).

I had the pleasure of flying this amazing EDF jet and it is, without a doubt, the best Scale "PnP" Foamy EDF Jet, I've ever seen and/or flown to date....PERIOD! Freewing continues to knock each offering out of the park but this one is far beyond what they've offered in terms of scale detail and features.

More info and photos coming soon on the amazing jet.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself! I'm getting two!!!!

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Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 02, 2015 @ 11:56 PM | 15,379 Views
I recently had the opportunity to fly the soon to be released Freewing 80mm F-5N available from Motion RC. It's a sweet flying EDF jet that really looks the part.

It can be pre-ordered today and you don't want to wait, if you'd like one from the first shipment.


This one is a winner and a great addition to your fleet.

To view all images, click continue reading.

Wingspan - 800mm / 31.49in
Length - 1250mm / 49.21in
Flying Weight - 2200g / 78oz
CG (Center of Gravity) - Please refer to the manual
Power System - 3530-1750kV Brushless Outrunner Motor
Electronic Speed Control -80A ESC, 5A BEC, EC5 Connector
Propeller / EDF - 80mm Metal EDF with 12 Blade Fan
5x 9g servos (two flap, two aileron, one rudder)
1x 9g metal gear servo (steering)
2x 9g metal gear digital servos (elevator)

Landing Gear Electronic retractable main gear and steerable nose gear with all metal shock absorbing struts

Required Battery - 6S 22.2V 4000mAh-5000mAh LiPo (required)
Required Radio - 6 Channel
Material - EPO Foam
Skill Level - Advanced Intermediate / Advanced
Build Time - 30 Minutes

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Jan 16, 2015 @ 01:53 AM | 14,226 Views
Here's information and photos of the soon to be released FMS 980mm Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony available from Motion RC.

I had the pleasure for flying the Motion RC "Test & Evaluation Sample" back in Nov & Dec 2014 and this plane is a winner! Excellent speed, stability, quality and presence.....You'll love it!

NOTE-The model will only be available in the green scheme shown in the first two pictures. The aluminum scheme was only applied to the test sample but can be achieved using aluminum tape purchased at your local hardware store.

Wingspan - 995mm / 39.7in
Length - 742mm / 29.21in
Flying Weight - 1,160g
CG (Center of Gravity) - 55-60mm from the leading edge
Power System - Brushless 3648-770Kv (installed)
Electronic Speed Control - 60A with 5A SBEC (installed)
Propeller - 10.5 x 7 3-Blade
Servos - 9g digital metal gear Servo x 4 (ailerons, elevator, rudder), 9g digital nylon gear servo X2 (flaps) - all pre-installed
Landing Gear - E-retracts with metal trunnions (installed)
Required Battery - 14.8V 4S 2200mAh 35C+ Li-Po (required)
Required Radio - Minimum 6 Channel full range Radio (required)

FMS and Motion RC are once again bringing a unique, quality product to the RC community. Get 'em in the air!

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Jan 13, 2015 @ 12:29 AM | 14,727 Views
We had a great time at AMA Expo! This year we focused on spending time with old and new friends from all aspects of modeling. Meeting and building relationships with the vendors and some even recognized Evelyn and I from right here on RC Groups.

What a wonderful place to inspire and be inspired by modelers worldwide. After almost 6 years on RC Groups and 13 years on RC Universe, I'm still amazed at how powerful this medium is in connecting modelers around the world, sharing our interests/passion with one another and building life long friendships. All good!!

Here's photos from the event. Click continue reading below to see all photos.

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Oct 29, 2014 @ 01:30 AM | 16,024 Views
Here's a few photos of mine and my daughter's Zeta BV-38s. Both were flown during the 'Ace in the Hole' Electric Fun Fly in Henderson, NV.....a few weeks ago.

Our Zeta Wings are too much fun and relatively easy to fly! Both have been upgraded with 65A ESCs, APC 6X4 props, smaller lite wheels and detailed via spray can and airbrush.

Posted by xplaneguy | Oct 18, 2014 @ 11:36 PM | 20,708 Views
Here's the revamped Hobby King Lancaster Bomber V2. It flies on a 3S 2200 mah. The stock battery position is too far aft and had to move the battery forward touching the foam bulkhead to get proper CG at 61mm back from the lead edge of the wing. Painted prop tips, gear, forward gun position and added pilots.

• Plug and Fly - Just add receiver and battery
• Detailed graphics of Thumper MKIII owned by BBMF
• Counter-rotating propellers
• Bomb bay doors open to reveal battery and receiver access
• Retractable landing gear
• Molded EPO airframe
• Two piece wings, model breaks down easily for transport

Wingspan: 1320mm
Length: 900mm
Flying Weight: 1160g
Motors: 4 x 2627 Brushless Outrunner 1500kv
ESC: 15A x 4
Servos: 4 x 9g
Props: 6x4 Three Blade Counter Rotating

6 Channel TX/RX
3S 11.1V 1800~2200mAh Lipoly Battery

Looking forward to flying it tomorrow and will post a flight report and more photos.

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | Sep 29, 2014 @ 12:10 AM | 17,804 Views
Here's a bunch of photos of the forthcoming Freewing 90mm F-16 which will be available at Motion RC, date TBD....hopefully before Thanksgiving. It uses a 6S 5000mAh battery and loaded with a ton of features. More info coming soon.

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Posted by xplaneguy | Aug 07, 2014 @ 09:39 PM | 15,260 Views
Here's a model I've been flying for quite some time. I was fortunate to fly the prototype from Motion RC during developmental testing and I knew right away, I would buy this jet. What a fantasic foamy EDF that looks the part and performs! Everytime I fly it, I'm thinking of the film, Flight of the Intruder which I saw in the theater.

I detailed the exhaust, weapons, landing gear and nose. My good friend Brent (Corsair Nut) added the weathering.

- 12 Blade factory balanced EDF with metal housing combined with 3530-1750KV brushless outrunner motor produces realistic jet turbine sound and an incredible 6 lbs of thrust
- Composite fan blades combined with metal EDF housing make the A6 AMA compliant (the fan blades themselves are NOT metal, so there are no flying restrictions)
- Super scale details include two hand painted pilots, full instrument panel, refueling probe, scale drop tanks, airfoil panel lines, and complete USS Forrestal graphics package
- Optional weapons set can be added for increased realism
- 80 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 5A BEC
- Electronic retractable landing gear with all metal shock-absorbing struts
- Steerable, shock absorbing nose gear for enhanced ground maneuverability
- Full function drop down flaps allow shorter take-off distances and slow, scale landings
- Full function linked horizontal stabilizer/elevator gives incredible climb and descent capability and true to life scale detail
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Posted by xplaneguy | Aug 07, 2014 @ 09:13 PM | 13,891 Views
This first time I ever saw the Hawker Hunter was in my favorite film, The Right Stuff. The aircraft was used to represent the Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket and for the longest time, I thought it was the Skyrocket with Scott Crossfield flying it. I've learned much since that time but the Hawker Hunter brought that scene to life and I've always enjoyed watching this aircraft fly while station in the UK.

Here's photos of the RC Lander Hawker Hunter from Hobby King.

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Posted by xplaneguy | Aug 07, 2014 @ 08:52 PM | 13,039 Views
During the 90's, I'd made several trips to Italy and had the pleasure of watching the Fiat G-91's in action. On one trip, I was given the opportunity to sit in the aircraft by Italian Air Force maintainers. What a great experience! Once I saw this SebArt G-91, it was a no brainer....pulled the trigger!

Looking forward to getting this bird in the air this Fall.

Photos of Drag Chute deployed:

Wing Span: 46.0"
Weight: 86-88 oz
Length: 54.0"
Servos: 10 (9g) servos installed
Batteries: 6S 5000 mAh
Transmitter: 7 Channel Minimum
Motor: 1750Kv Motor Included
ESC: 85Amp ESC with 5A BEC Included
Fan Unit: 90mm EDF (Included)

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | May 29, 2014 @ 09:37 PM | 13,540 Views
Here's some photos of the Freewing F-86. This jet is a must for any F-86 Fan. I'm flying it on a 6S 60C 4000mAh battery. Flight times are 4 minutes.

•12 Blade factory balanced EDF with metal housing combined with 3530-1750KV brushless outrunner motor produces realistic jet turbine sound and an incredible 6 lbs of thrust
•Composite fan blades combined with metal EDF housing make the F86 AMA compliant (the fan blades themselves are NOT metal, so there are no flying restrictions)
•Super scale details include hand painted pilots, scale drop tanks, machine gun turrets, airfoil panel lines, and super detailed USAF "Jolley Roger" graphics package
•80 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 5A BEC
•Electronic retractable landing gear with all metal shock-absorbing struts
•Steerable, shock absorbing nose gear for enhanced ground maneuverability
•Full function drop down flaps allow shorter take-off distances and slow, scale landings
•Independently controlled elevators allow perfect trim and more responsive climb and descent capability
•Drop tanks are connected via rare earth magnets to allow easy attachment and detactment
•Carbon spars and EPO foam construction provide the perfect balance between strength and flexibility
•Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
•Outrunner motor, servos, ESC and EDF come pre-installed for your convenience.

Posted by xplaneguy | May 16, 2014 @ 06:54 PM | 13,384 Views
Here' s a bunch of photos of my Freewing A-10 which I'm flying on a 4S 3300 mAh battery. Too much fun!

•Ultra-scale design including US Air Force graphics, hand-painted pilot, detailed cockpit, machine guns, bombs, drop tanks
•Twin 64mm EDFs powered by two 2836-3500KV motors produces over 1700grams of thrust
•Electronic retractable main landing gear and retractable steerable nose gear both with metal trunnions
•Flaps ready (just add two 9g servos) for quick take-offs and slow, scale landings
•Metal gear servos for strength, precision, and long life
•Twin 40A ESCs are housed in a special compartment designed for effective cooling
•Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
•Brushless motor, ESC and servos come pre-installed

All the best,
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Posted by xplaneguy | May 16, 2014 @ 06:10 PM | 11,828 Views
There's nothing better than sharing the hobby with good friends! In this case, how about giving a model to a good friend?

After I received my Durafly P-51 'Old Crow', my good friend Brent Hecht (Corsair Nut) stated that he really wanted to get one but he had just been through a tough medical situation recently, which put spare change for models on hold for a while. My first Durafly P-51D Ferocious Frankie (FF) was collecting dust and needed a good home, so I gave it to Brent knowing that he would not only appreciated it but would make it his own....he did! Shortly after delivering the model to his home, he went to work filling, sanding and repainting Ferocious Frankie as Glamorous Glen III. Brent and I are both fans of Gen. Chuck Yeager and his model is a stunning tribute to this great American Hero.......our Hero!

Here's photos of both models together. Again, nothing better than friends sharing the joy of model aviation with one another.

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Apr 10, 2014 @ 08:45 PM | 12,528 Views
This past weekend I had the pleasure of flying the maiden and second flight of the HET Mig-21. What a thrill! The Mig-21 is powered by a 5S 3300 mAh battery utilizing a Wemo fan and Arc motor. At WOT, the speed was impressive!

The jet is owned by my friend Tim, built by friend John and flown by me. Team HET Mig-21 pulled off two successful flights and more importantly, what made this project fun was that it was a "Team" effort.

Thanks to Tim and John for this fun experience. Sharing our passion for model aviation is the true essence of this hobby.

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 12, 2014 @ 03:11 PM | 13,104 Views
Here's some great photos taken by my good friend Mike Gaasch of my Supreme Hobbies A320 flying at the Apollo XI Field, Van Nuys, CA on Sunday, 9 March 2014.

Thanks Mike!

All the best,
Posted by xplaneguy | Mar 06, 2014 @ 08:07 PM | 13,997 Views
Here's another great offering, the Freewing SBD-5 Dauntless available from Banana Hobby. I picked this one up at the AMA Expo at a great show price from BH. This model is an impressive EPO warbird with awesome scale looks and stable flight charateristics. The Dauntless flies on a 4S 2200 mAh battery pack and performance is respectable and well matched for this scale model. The Freewing Dauntless is a model that looks fantastic on the ground and in the air, especially in the air!

More of the story:

This Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless is one of Freewing's best RC model reproductions yet. Measuring in at 1330mm wingspan (53-3/8") with a length of 1040mm (41"), one of the most striking scale appearances is the unique scale split "dive" flaps. Being the U.S. Navy's main dive bomber in the 1940's, the Dauntless was best known for delivering fatal blows to the Japanese carriers in the Battle of Midway.

Other great details are the very scale propeller and rotary engine design. High strength scale servoless retracts and perfectly replicated paint and color scheme add to the realism of this incredible RC model. Looks are nothing without performance and the SBD-5 delivers in spades.

Wingspan 1330mm (52.4 inch)
Length 1040mm (41 inch)
Flying Weight 1750g (61.7 oz)
Drive System 3648 KV600 Brushless OutRunner Motor
Propeller 3-Paddle
Speed Controller Hobbywing 40A Brushless ESC
Servo 6X 9g
Retract System Servoless Retracts
Battery 14.8V 2200mAh 25C Li-...Continue Reading
Posted by xplaneguy | Feb 27, 2014 @ 07:40 PM | 20,681 Views
Here's a bunch of photos of the New Supreme Hobbies 1100mm span Airbus A320 available from PW-RC.com. Two recommendations: Cut foam ailerons and install pin type hinges. Use a 3S 2200 battery for best flight times and better flying qualities. Great model with cool landing gear, 50mm 11 blade EDF fans and scale appearance. A keeper!

Here's the dedicated thread on the A320:

- Super Scale & High Performance Electric Ducted Fan Airway Plane.
- Twin 50mm 11 Blade High Performance EDF installed.
- Detachable Main Wing & CF Tube
- Both A320 & A320 NEO Wing Tip options .
- Electric Retract Landing Gear With CNC Metal Strut installed.
- Gear Door System Installed.
- Specific 8 Sec Sequencer For Scale Gear Door Action ( Door Open - Gear Down - Door Close , Door Open - Gear Up - Door Close ).
- Large Battery Room Which Can Fit With High Capacity Li-Po Battery For Longer Flying Time.
- Decorative Nozzle Of Nacelle ( Unpaint ) Include.
- Twin EDF Power System designed for 3S 11.1v Or 4S 14.8v Battery For Scale Or Speed Flying.

- Material: Durable EPO
- Wingspan : 1,086mm ( 42.8in )
- Length : 1,200mm ( 47.2in )
- Flying weight: Around 1,200 - 1,400g ( 42.3 - 49.4 OZ )
- Servo: 9 x 5g Servo ( Installed )
- Landing Gear : Electric Retract Landing Gear With CNC Metal Strut ( Installed )
- Ducted Fan: 50mm Ducted Fan ( 11 Blade ) x 2 (...Continue Reading