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Posted by iacei | Jan 16, 2018 @ 07:43 AM | 4,072 Views
Here some infos on my next Project:

I already have a My Twin Dream for long range FPV and so I wanted to make a small platform with easy transportation.

As I wanted to review the mini Split I thought that the new Nano Talon was a good candidate, so here is what's coming:

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Posted by iacei | Nov 24, 2017 @ 05:16 AM | 6,136 Views
Hi folks,

This time I want to try something new and make a FPV car but as I don’t want to spend too much on a TRAXAS Summit. I decided to try this Model FEIYUE FY06 1:12 which is kinda a crawler even if you can’t expect for such a low price (140 USD) a manual differential lock.

But the things that did interest me were:

- the 6 wheels drive
- the space available to fit a camera in a protected spot
- the pickup loading area were I will be able to bit a bigger battery or some other stuff.


Other than that this truck has great reviews and bonus you get spare parts in the box.

One question though, I have ordered the Banggood one and it seems that I won’t get the Leds lights….We’ll see about that because it would be very handy to drive in the darkness.

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Posted by iacei | Jun 13, 2017 @ 03:56 AM | 6,971 Views
Hi Folks!

Great news today, I will be receiving in the following weeks a camera that all the FPV pilots are waiting for hoping that this time it will really be the long awaited revolution!

A camera that is as good in sending analog signal with low latency and recording a decent HD video.

I am talking about the soon to be released Runcam SPLIT!


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Posted by iacei | Apr 24, 2017 @ 08:47 AM | 8,492 Views
Hi Folks,

I have ordered a Eachine VRD2 Pro and compared it with my customized Headplay 1 + FPV Japan DVR.


Let’s have a look at this Headset:

Screen Resolution: 800x480 vs 720p for the Headplay

Well it will fit most of the current needs but until the end of the year cheap HD transmitter will arise (the first batch was crap) so you must be sure that you won’t feel the need to upgrade.
Concerning DJI users I would recommend having at least a 720p headset to use with their P3A+/Mavic equipment.

Screen Size: 5 inch vs 7 inch for the Headplay

5 inch is really the bare minimum but it’s ok. The plus is that it will take less space in the bag.

Video Rx:

40CH + Diversity + -95dB sensitivity + autoscan

Nice touch, really better than the Headplay concerning the diversity and the better sensitivity.


Well, you get 2 CP Antennas whereas on the Headplay V1 you got a crappy Monopole antenna. But to be honest, I smell bad quality here even if the blue and red Eachine antennas where really good. I WAS RIGHT, see the review at the bottom!

Extra Features:

- Integrated DVR vs no DVR for the Headplay.
- Tripod stand screw hole vs nothing for the Headplay
- Supply Voltage: 2S vs 2S-3S for the Headplay
That’s a bit of a bummer IMHO because I strap all my laying batteries to my headplay...Continue Reading
Posted by iacei | Apr 20, 2017 @ 05:37 AM | 7,248 Views
Hi Folks,

I wanted to add a new small camera to my MTD with a video switch but I when compared it to my current and trustworthy PZ420M I realized that it had such a nice picture that I wanted to do a review of it.

Let’s get to it!




The packaging is really complete, OSD, manual, screws, brackets etc...

What I found really nice were the silicon wires and not some cheap regular wires that break easily near the connector.

Concerning the 2nd bracket I do not really know how to use it but I guess it s for a pan and tilt setup.

The Cam itself is really small but not the smallest I saw with this kind of lens.

It’s not particularly light because the case is in metal but on the bright side it is really sturdy.

What I don’t like is that the bottom is not really flat so you have to use the bracket.

Here you can see a picture comparison with the well-known PZ420M:

front / back configuration (what I initially wanted)

Sorry about the lines it's due to my setup but I wanted to test in real conditions with OSD and 1.2Ghz.

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Posted by iacei | Apr 02, 2017 @ 02:07 PM | 6,453 Views
I have a friend which is since a long time Grandpa, he only flew some RC helis but never a quad so I thought why not try this dirt cheap mini fpv quad for him to do his 1st drone bashings.

So to start what do you get for 36$??? LINK

A diy quad with FPV cam and multi power 40CH tx (25-80-200mw ) + a transmitter??? No way!

Only 4 months ago for this price you wouldn't even get the fpv kit!!!

Okay now lets see if grandpa can build it easily

Well.... not that easy for a grandpa, the manual is not clear, written in small characters and if you put the main bracket on the wrong position it is hell to get it in the right position. So beware and think twice before clipsing.

Can Granpda fly the thing? Well Yeah but he did not dare to fly it fpv mode even if I got the picture on the TV.

What can be said about this little critter?


- Cheeeaaaaap! OMG how much lower can we go
- Multi power FPV kit that can be adapted to any other configuration (if you are looking for a FPV kit you might aswell buy this whole package)
- Flys OK (even has a button to change the rates)


- Props not protected
- The transmitter is ......well...... crap, yes at least it is not small like the e010c eachine one but the deadband on the yaw drives me nuts.
But if you ask grandpa...."I did not notice"

We will try to bind with a Turnigy 9x or another brand.

All in All it is a bargain for me but really not top of the line if you are looking for a micro FPV quad, see my review of the warlark 80

By the way if want a more informative builing video, here it is

Posted by iacei | Jan 27, 2017 @ 08:56 AM | 7,285 Views

I just received a X73S and its really a strange feeling because it seems that some good engineers were involved in the process of making but also very bad ones.

1st the unboxing :

- Design of the Canopy : FAIL, ugly IMHO
- No Battery, No Charger in the package : I mean really ?, for the price ????
- No Spare Props !!!!
- One external USB programmer : This is actually a good idea
- Price: 85USD

Closer Look :

- The camera wires are so short that if you tilt it it forward you will rip them : FAIL
- If you tilt the cam backwards.....wait, you can’t due to the faulty design : FAIL
- All the components are exposed, do not fly and drop in the snow before spraying WD40 on it
- The RC Antenna is exposed to the props : FAIL
- The Prop guards needs you to unscrew 16 screws and remove the 4 props !!!!
- Both antennas are connected with ufl which is good for replacing but add a drop a hot glue otherwise you will loose them often.

FC / RC Configuration :

- Binding without problems with my taranis and good surprise, it has telemetry!
- FC is installed with Betaflight and only the angle mode is configured but the PIDs are ok.
- Calibration of the Acc is needed
- Yaw Rate needs cranking up
- Watch out Motor spin once armed

Flight :

Finally a good surprise! The punch of the motors is refreshing, nothing like the brushed miniquads. It flies really nice and fast with a good range and a good lifetime for brushless motors (4 to 6mn...Continue Reading
Posted by iacei | Jan 19, 2017 @ 08:16 AM | 9,429 Views

here my review of the warlark-80, a microFPV Quad BNF Tinywhoop alike with OSD.

It began its carreer with some faults (yaw twitch) but the version I received does not have these issues.

Specs :

Weight: 38g
Flight controller: F3 Brushed FC
Rx: Frsky or Flysky or DSMX/DSM2 Futaba SFHSS
Camera: 600TVL
VTX: 25MW 40CH
Firmware: Cleanflight
Engines: 716
Props: 35mm 4-blade
Battery:300Mah (inclue)
Price: 96$

Link: http://www.banggood.com/Warlark-80-80mm-600TVL-FPV-Racing-Quadcopter-Based-On-F3-Brushed-Flight-Controller-With-OSD-p-1105948.html

First when I received the order I thought the box was empty as it was verrrry light. Once in my hand I thought that it had really a nice look abnd design, the Vtx, FC, Antennas and camera are well protected (confirmed with all the crashes I had afterwards)

The Frame is not fragile and can take a beating.

In the box there are not many goodies, the quad, a mini usb charger (works well), a set of props....that's it.

Before you can fly, you have to bind (no problems on my Taranis) and check if everything is working in cleanflight (needed because my channels were not correctly assigned)

One Issue: The Frame is not well designed when it comes to plug the micro usb cable. You have to modify (trim) an existing cable, otherwise you will hurt the frame or not be able to lay the quad flat on a table. But once the cable is trimmed, no more problems.

1st Flight: Without further tweaking in cleanflight the PIDS are good...Continue Reading
Posted by iacei | Jan 18, 2017 @ 01:20 PM | 7,404 Views
Voici ma Review du warlack 80 un mini quad fpv de type Tinywhoop disponible avec récepteur intégré et OSD.
Il a souffert de défauts de jeunesse mais la version que j’ai reçue a corrigé la plupart d’entre eux

Caractéristiques :

Poids: 38g
Flight controller: F3 Brushed FC
Rx: Frsky ou Flysky ou DSMX/DSM2 Futaba SFHSS
Camera: 600TVL
VTX: 25MW 40CH
Firmware: Cleanflight
Moteursr: 716
Helices: 35mm 4-blade
Battery:300Mah (inclue)
Prix: 96$ (un peu cher)

Link: http://www.banggood.com/Warlark-80-80mm-600TVL-FPV-Racing-Quadcopter-Based-On-F3-Brushed-Flight-Controller-With-OSD-p-1105948.html

Tout d’abord en recevant le paquet j’ai eu l’impression qu’il était vide tellement il était léger, une fois dans la main le warlark est vraiment sympa a regarder et sa coque semble bien protéger les différents éléments.

La structure est faite d’un plastique assez résistant et pas cassant comme certains mini quads
Dans le paquet vous ne trouverez pas de fioritures : un mini chargeur, un jeu d’helices de rechanges, un mini velcro.
Avant de pouvoir voler il faut binder, ce qui s’est passé sans problème mais il faut surtout faire un tour dans cleanflight car de mon côté les voies n’étaient pas correctement assignées.

Petit défaut de conception à ce stade : Il faut modifier (tailler le bout) d’un câble micro usb pour pouvoir le brancher sans déformer la frame, c’est dommage car ça aurait pu...Continue Reading
Posted by iacei | Oct 29, 2015 @ 08:07 AM | 8,486 Views

I wanted a micro-standalone FPV kit but did not want to spend too much on it and most of all I wanted something waterproof so that I could use it on my kids boats (FT-009).
So after searching on the web and getting inspiration from some articles, here is my tutorial of a Micro-FPV-5.8-waterproof-cheap-200mw kit

Shopping List

Camera (3.7-5V) Really Cheap and fair Quality (better than the VA1100) + audio! Wide angle FOV but good.

10$ LINK

5.8Ghz Tx 200mw FX758-2

11$ LINK

You can use something even cheaper but I wanted robust ones and as I wanted to make 2 kits, I needed 2 antennas :
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Posted by iacei | Sep 07, 2015 @ 04:50 AM | 9,132 Views

M’étant inspiré de kits existants sur le net, voici ma version du kit FPV pas cher et pas trop lourd pour pouvoir s’adapter sur tout type de véhicule.

Mon but 1er était de le mettre sur des bateaux pour mes enfants donc j’ai du prévoir également l’étanchéité du système.

L’avantage de ce montage par rapport aux kits tout fait (ex : VA1100, TE93Adfr ) est qu’il est plus puissant et surtout moins cher.

Voici les éléments à acheter :

Camera (3.7-5V) vraiment pas chère et de qualité très correcte (meilleure que le VA1100) avec audio! L’angle est un peu large mais ça va.

10$ Lien

Module de transmission 200mw FX758-2

11$ Lien

Vous pouvez utiliser une antenne moins chère mais j’en voulais des plus robustes et comme j’avais besoin de faire 2 kits, il me fallait 2 antennes:
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Posted by iacei | Jul 30, 2014 @ 02:02 PM | 12,838 Views

vu sur rcgroups, le miniquad fpv du pauvre, j'ai deja un mini fpv homemade mais celui la me tente bien et pour le prix....

Vous en pensez quoi? Les gars en sont contents.

Voir thread ici.


Item name: ZMR250 Carbon Fiber Mini Quadcopter Multicopter Frame Kit
Arm plate thickness: 3mm
Main material: carbon fiber
Wheelbase: 250mm
Weight: 110g
With rubber damper to decrease vibration during flight.
Aluminum alloy spacer, light weight, reliable.

Recommend parts:
Propeller: 5-6 inch
Motor: 2204-2208 1800-2200KV
ESC: 8A-12A
Battery: 1300Mah-2200Mah
+ZMR250 frame kit:
1300mah 25c lipo
1804 2400KV motor

Package included:
1 x ZMR250 Mini Quadcopter Multicopter Frame Kit
4 x damping ball

Video de Montage:

ZMR H250 frame building step (3 min 48 sec)

Ce qui est interessant c'est qu'il supporte des helices de 6" (tout juste mais ca roule):

Liste de Shopping :

Frame: 33.6 USD

+ 1xMultiwii SE V3.0: 19.5 USD

4 x pack ZMR 1804 (excellent moteur) + 10A Simonk + Gemfan 5x3: 16.08USD
Posted by iacei | May 20, 2014 @ 06:47 AM | 11,417 Views

Just a small thread which could have spare me a bad first order for my kids.

My 8 years-old son wanted a real RC car, not the analog toy kind you get in kids stores. So I bought him the Turnigy Stadium 1/18

But unfortunately this car proved to be very fragile:

- Brushless Motor broken after 3 runs
- Very bad diffs which would strip each 3 runs and cost 9$ each.
- steering link breaks at each frontal crash...

Anyway I spent more then 120$ on it and my kid is now afraid to push it.

Then I bought a more cheapy 1/18 model for my 5 years old boy, the WLTOYS A969 on banggood.

Results : GREAT! Same power as the stadium truck and a hell more solid (Remember, my 2nd one is only 5 years old)

Stadium vs A969

So I will buy another one as a replacement for the stadium.

Here the models based on the same structure (each body has 2 color schemes)

wltoys A949/A959/A969/A979


- Tx/ESC/Rx not really swappable on other models
- Brushed Motor, but very big/tough in comparison with the stadium one
- Battery tray is a little short (1400Mah max)

positive :

- Price (69$ RTR 2.4Ghz with charger + battery)
- Powerful (I had to reduce the power for my kid)
- Tough
- Compatible with some classic RC parts (wheels with hex nuts etc....)
- Parts available
- 15-20mn play pro lipo
- 4 AA batteries(not 8) in the TX
- Precise steering (no play like the stadium)





Spare battery: http://www.banggood.com/7_4V-1200mAh...-p-921149.html
Use the code 147cc0 to get a discount


Posted by iacei | May 19, 2014 @ 08:01 AM | 10,446 Views

Juste un petit thread qui m’aurait permis d’éviter un mauvais choix initial (je vais pas vous faire une review complete).

Alors voila, mon fils de 8 ans voulait une vraie voiture RC (il bavait devant ma Turnigy Desert Buggy 1/8).
Dans les magasins maxitoys etc.. il n’y a que des mauvais jouets en analogique sans puissance donc je me suis décidé à lui acheter la Turnigy Stadium Truck 1/18.

Mais par malheur celle-ci s’est avérée treeeees fragile, liste des pannes :

- ESC mort a la livraison
- Moteur BL Mort apres 3 runs (depuis remplacement OK)
- Les différentiels qui se petent apres 2-3 usages (9$ piece !) et pas d’alternative.
- Piece avant (steering link) qui pete apres chaque choc frontal

Bref j’ai deja dépensé une fortune (+ de 120$) et le gamin n’ose plus pousser les gazs.

Puis j’ai acheté un autre modele 1/18 plus "cheap" sur banggood pour mon fils de 5 ans, le WLTOYS A969.
Résultat : Une révélation ! Autant de pèche que la stadium truck et une sacré solidité (je rappelle que c’est mon fils de 5 ans qui pilote )

Comparaison stadium et A969

Du coup je vais réparer une derniere fois la stadium, la revendre et j’achete de suite un autre modele WLtoys (Mon fils de 8 ans a choisi la A959 en bleu)

Donc voici les modeles qui sont bien (2 couleurs possibles a chaque fois) (wltoys A949/A959/A969/A979): Attention ne pas prendre les modeles LXXX
Elles sont toutes sur le même chassis...Continue Reading
Posted by iacei | Jul 15, 2013 @ 03:33 AM | 10,131 Views
Hi folks,

I recently bought a Gopro 3 and wanted a light-weight Case with a cheap replaceable lens protection.

As I did not find it on the market I asked my friend which has a cnc: Why don’t we produce it ourselves?

Some thinking, sketches and tests after that the GP3-Box was born.

gp3box (1 min 28 sec)

Here the main specs:

- Light

- affordable

- should protect the whole Gopro and not only the lens

- Lens protection is easy and cheap to replace

The lens protection is a UV filter, it is simply screwed like on a DSLR. The screw is compatible with all matching photography accessories. So If you break or scratch the UV filter you can replace it easily. You can also change to a polarisation filter or whatever you want to make some shots with special effects.

For transportation you can also buy a cheap1$ 37mm snap-on to protect even more your gopro (must be bought your side).

...Continue Reading