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Posted by wallis_100 | Oct 31, 2016 @ 08:38 AM | 1,563 Views
It's with great pleasure I can announce that my application for Chartership has been successful.
I am now a recognised chartered engineer (Licensed Engineer) to those across the pond.

The biggest benefit. .. A lovely little bonus to spend on more model aviation....

Posted by wallis_100 | Nov 16, 2014 @ 02:17 PM | 3,446 Views
In February this year, I brought myself a house. Since then I have been renovating it. Along with work it has taken up 99% of my awake time so severely limited my building and flying time.
I've stripped the house room by room, wood worm treated the timber, fitted nearly 80m of copper pipe, 150+ soldered joints, 8 radiators. I've stripped out an old bathroom and had a new one put in.
Today I had my first go at carpet fitting, and my room is now pretty close to being ready... which is good as it means only one thing! it's nearly time to get cracking on the workshop
A few pics attached for anyone who's interested....Continue Reading
Posted by wallis_100 | Jan 05, 2014 @ 10:32 AM | 3,409 Views
Well christmas brought me several presents:

Firstly and most importantly, I am now an Uncle :-) to my sisters little baby Aaeyrn.

Secondly, i brought myself a Howard Metcalf X fire from ebay for 15. after a new brushless set up, and much advice from TrevorH (Thanks)

I'm pleased to annouce it grooves in great style..

Have a great new year all..
Posted by wallis_100 | Aug 24, 2010 @ 04:37 PM | 5,315 Views
Well as some of you know the BMFA opperate certification levels.
Having never belonged to a club, i never had a chance to pass these.
My chance came this weekend, when at woodspring wings, eager to fly, i was told i'd have to pass my A test first.
So with the plane TWOTTER ready to go, i did it (note they recommend a single engined trainer- not a scale twin...)
I passed, and have my very own A certificate, as well as an enjoyable days flying

Posted by wallis_100 | Jun 18, 2010 @ 12:15 PM | 4,512 Views
I'm pleased to announce, i recieved my final results from Uni today
With an average of 75% (for the whole degree) i graduate with a FIRST class degree with Honours..
meaning my name is now: Mr S Wallis MEng
Posted by wallis_100 | May 08, 2009 @ 04:42 AM | 6,677 Views
Since i ended up being invited to the BIMBO event at naseby reservior, i needed some form of water based flying machine .

As the Ivan Pettigrew Twin otter has such nice flying characteristics, i decided a float plane conversion (as per the full size) would be a good idea.

So here is the story so far:

Using the information from my areospace text books, the web and pics of the full size, i decided upon sizes of the float as descibed below:
LENGTH-36inches (approx 75% of fuselage)
HEIGHT-3 inches (available foam height)
WIDTH-4 inches (based on bouyancy calcs)

Spacing- same as the wheels, i.e. just underneath the props.

From this two blue foam floats were carved, however since i didn't have a surform, i used a cheese grater!!! followed by a light sanding.

RESULTS: i wasn't happy with the surface, despite repeat sanding- too soft, and not smooth enough These can be seen in pictures 1 and 2

DECIDED TO WEIGH THEM: 185g each which with mounting and water rudder, would mean about 450g (14oz) additional weight which is i think unacceptable for a plane weighing 60 oz rtf! so i thought about making some IVAN style: light and built up

A quick play with the brain, gave me the need for about 3 sheets of 3/32 balsa for the sides, and lower sheeting, and 2 sheets of 1/8th for the tops and forward lower sheeting for impact resistance. 2 lengths of 1/4 triangular stock for spray rails, and 4 1/8th square rails for chine reinforcement.

Weighing this, and the total so far stood at 130g much better. so allowing for waterproofing, and mounting, i shold still be under 14oz.

The progress with these can be seen in the other pics, and started with cutting 4 identical sides, mounting them to the chamfered sides of the top deck, then spacing them with pairs of full bulkheads (to split it into waterproof compartments (just in case ))
The lower chine is then added, and thats as far as i have got so far- as lectures call!!
Posted by wallis_100 | May 01, 2009 @ 05:14 PM | 7,201 Views
The plans for the twin otter 480 were purchased in november 2007, and construction was started, almost before the plan hit the door mat!!!

Construction started with the fuselage, because i was awaiting the arrival of the motors and g/boxes for the wing.
It all came together very quickly ( ah the joys of cyano )and within a few weeks i had something resembling A TWOTTER fuselage.

The wings were then started, an proved a bit more fun due to my limited build space (the wings were almost as long as my bed, which meant they were longer then the desk in my bed i use as a building board!)

The decision was taken early on to include the flaps, as tbh i just like the extra complication, and the extra scale character they add.

By early march 08, the wing and fuselage were made, but not fitted out or covered. Picking a colour scheme, and finalising the cockpit/nacelles took the most time (mainly because uni and other things were getting in the way! )

A slight mas-hap was had in mid may, when after covering, and during an engine test, one of the ESC's failed, and reverted to full power.
The result, was a TWOTTER Mk 298!! i.e. a 300, but missing quite a bit of the nose! thanks to the crash, with a brick wall in my garden (it shot quite a long way in not a lot of time) it also broke the wing mounting and the upper forward fuselage (sorry no pics- i'd rather forget it)

After spending time on the shelf, whilst the rest of my life was dealt with, it was then un-shelved early 2009, and finished off.