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Posted by USCoastiee | Feb 16, 2010 @ 09:38 PM | 5,731 Views
I got to maiden my 50mm Mini F-18 and F-86, by J-Power, today. My plan was to fly the F-18 first, so I rechecked my set-up and settings. I set a countdown timer for 4mins and 30secs. As Jon was getting ready to toss her for the maiden I cycled the control surfaces one last time, and I noticed the right aileron was limp and not moving while being cycled.

Backing up a day or two: When I built both planes, I added a drop of (blue) Locktite to each of the screws and nuts, as an added precaution. Well come to find out, the Locktite actually softened up the plastic horn, and since it was on the hole furthest from the aileron, where there is much less material, the softened plastic actually failed. Thank goodness I caught it before the launch!! So I grounded the F-18 and started to prep the F-86.

After no issues with the F-86 setup, we launched it. There was a pretty stiff wind, not more then 10mph. The F-86 was tossed directly into the wind, underhanded. As she was getting into step she rolled sharply to the right, I was able to get her level, but she was now flying cross wind, while barely in step. I cut the power and planned to land her, at the very moment I cut power, she popped up, in response to the UP elevator I was giving her. So I powered back up and recovered the take-off. She flies GREAT!!!!! She barely needed any trim, a few clicks of right aileron and a few of up elevator had her flying level at about 60% power.

As Don and Jon stated, I could...Continue Reading
Posted by USCoastiee | Jan 12, 2010 @ 04:05 PM | 2,990 Views
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Posted by USCoastiee | Dec 16, 2009 @ 03:01 AM | 4,062 Views
So, another day at the flying field was kind of uneventful, I wasn't able to maiden my B2 as planned, due to some unforeseen issues. I did get chatting with a couple of the the other pilots that were out at the field on this very cold Northern California day in early December. I meet an interesting man, Eric Presten, who I soon found out is an author of a few vintage airplane books, (like: Vintage Flyers Guidebook, Vintage Flyers, and Vintage Flyers II, there may be more, that's what quick Amazon search resulted in). Before I find out about Eric's book writing, he asks me if I like vintage airplanes, which I answer yes to, he then asks me if I'd like to see a replica of one.

A few minutes later we are in a hanger that he rents a place to park a beautiful Bleriot. It's the same model of plane that Louis Blériot flew across the English Channel in on July 5, 1909. This one is Serial No. 3 in the replica line.

Eric begins to tell me a little about this particular plane. He bought it as a kit, which took him and his immediate family members 26 days to build, over a 29 day period. The engine is a replica of an old radial engine, which really fits the part. This Bleriot replica isn't quite an exact, as the framing isn't wood, as in the original Bleriot, but it's aluminum. Eric's wife did all of the wing coverings.

Getting into the cockpit looks harder then it really is, once Eric showed me where to put my feet and...Continue Reading
Posted by USCoastiee | Sep 27, 2009 @ 01:15 AM | 6,420 Views
Well I maidened my Vision today. For common knowledge, this is my second Vision, I crashed my first one on maiden, about 2 seconds into the flight. Ends up I had the elevator switched.

Needless to say, today's flight went much better!! I would have liked to have kept it closer to the ground for the photo ops, but I was to scared!!
Come to find out, I only used around 470mA of an 800mA pack. I forget to set my timer, the short time she was airborne felt like forever.
Thanks to Don and Jon for the help and support!! Thanks to Don for the launch that put her airborne!!

As I built this plane, I noticed a lot minor issues, mostly with the fiberglass fuselage. I had to use a diamond cutting wheel on my Dremil to widen the openings of the wing spare and both Elevon servos.

I learned a lot from the last build, things that I wish I would have done on the first one, that I included in the second one.

After the launch, I found that the Vision wanted to roll left. Don helped me trim it out, after maxing out the aileron trim, it still wanted to roll slightly left. I had Don add some down elevator, in hind sight, I was keeping the throttle well above 50%, more like 75%, I guess that would explain the Vision wanting to climb.

After gaining some altitude I swept the wings back. I could see that the nose dropped a little, it seemed like it dropped then got back in step, and then good gained speed. I was a sweet feeling to finally fly with the wings swept. I...Continue Reading