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Posted by dbennettya | Jan 08, 2012 @ 03:43 PM | 7,192 Views
Hi all,

I originally developed the Helicage for my first coaxial heli the CX-2 and the cage worked pretty well. Then I improved it for the 4G3 CP heli. The cage worked well but there were issues of blade strikes to the tail boom in a crash. This was probably due to the flybar and head design.

My flying improved and I no longer needed the Helicage and the manufacturers I contacted wouldn't even reply to my attempts of contact. So my second prototype sat in the garage rafters for about two years.

My interest got rekindled recently and I strapped my BL mCP X to my 18" prototype Helicage. I was amazed at how well it works which is probably due to the smaller the heli the more rigid the structure becomes from the helis perspective. The response in flight was a little underdamped but was totally stable and bumping into things doesn't cause any damage unless of course you really hit something really really hard.

My 18" diameter Helicage weighs 14.3g/0.5oz and I used thin copper wires as twist ties to attach the skids and removed the canopy to save weight. AUW is 67.6g/2.39oz. Flight time with a 400mah OS linear battery was ~ 5 minutes or 1 minute less than without the Helicage.

The Helicage is made from custom parts that I designed and had Shapeways 3D print and carbon fiber rod. The resolution on the parts leaves a little to be desired but the holes can be cleaned up by hand drilling the components to remove the flashing from the 3D sintering...Continue Reading