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Posted by squidbait | Jan 07, 2007 @ 11:23 AM | 4,068 Views
I just went to order some spare parts for my Ventura, and found out that Hobbico has discontinued it! Nooooo!

This is a great little 3-channel plane! Maybe it's a little fast for a first plane, but it sure makes a great second... and just like my Aerobird, it's so easy to throw in the back seat if I'm going anywhere for just-in-case flying.

It's a sad, sad day
Posted by squidbait | Jan 03, 2007 @ 11:57 PM | 4,006 Views
OK, so I'm not the most ardent blogger.... but here's a few pics of my Ventura that I was flying around the lake on New Years Eve.

This only the second day in the last 2 months that the wind's been calm enough to let me get anything in the air! Happy New Year!
Posted by squidbait | May 31, 2006 @ 01:14 PM | 4,327 Views
OK, since my pal Bob_suruncle mentioned I've been working on this little bipe, I thought I'd post a pic of it as-is.

It's a Hobbico Fly-Zone free-flight "Classic Biplane" that I've -ahem- improved

Internally, I upgraded the motor to a 180 from the 3v stock 130-ish motor, and I'm using a GWS R4P Rx and two Draganflyer 6 g servos for rudder and elevator. Power comes from a TP 2s 480 mAh lipo.

Outside, I decided (after looking at the scattered remains of a crashed Estes zero) to fibreglass the fuse for a little more resilience. I used 1/2 oz glass and WBPU on the fuse and wings. 3 coats on the fuse, and 2 on the wings, sanded in between with 320 grit.

I thought I'd go with a classic Beechcraft red and black scheme, so I painted the upper half of the fuse and wings with Krylon "Red Pepper", but now I kinda like the 2-tone effect, so I'm thinking of painting the bottom half yellow-ish. I still have to add the wing struts, windows and panel lines, but it's getting there.

AUW is ~175g - a little heavier than I'd like, but partly due to my mounting the servos too far back, and needing a few g in nose weights. That said, it flies quite nicely. It cruises around at 1/2 throttle, tracks reasonably well, and turns are crisp, with only a little loss of altitude. A small problem is motor torque, it tends to roll to the left, especially on hand launches. The first couple of times took me by surprise, and left me with 2 broken props. I haven't fitted a tailwheel yet, and so ground handling is, well, non-existent close to takeoff speeds... it just scoots around to the right or the left, depending on its mood