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Posted by papasmurf | May 21, 2007 @ 01:09 AM | 5,881 Views
Wattage Hawk. Originally was going to put a microfan on top (this was originally a turbo hawk) but didn't think the performance would be all that great. Currently has a 2350kv outrunner up front, 3S 1300 pack, and a Phx 25. Prop is a 6x5.5 and performance is very strong. I do not think this plane was ever designed to go anywhere near this fast....makes a surprisingly good and cheap pylon type model. I swapped the stock FG spar for a CF one, glassed the wings and covered with ultracote. They are much stronger than stock and should be good up to 100 or so I would guess. The stock foam ailerons are now balsa and I just used some thing balsa for the stab and vertical fin. Top speed I would guess is easily in the 80+ range. I may put a 16-15-3 in it eventually to see how much faster it could go. Considering it was cheap, I am very pleased with how this one turned out.

3DHS Extra 300 SHP. Setup consists of a phx 45, 3S 2100, and a torque 2818-900. Really nice flying plane with great KE. Cannot get the harriers to be as smooth as the MFX but otherwise it is every bit the match of the MFX.

Carl Goldber Pitts P-12. Has one flight but I am currently looking for a new motor. Very nicely constructed plane. Needs a magnetic hatch and a bit stronger LG structure but definately looks the part. Looking forward to spending more time with this one.