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Posted by papasmurf | Nov 17, 2006 @ 12:48 AM | 7,423 Views
assuming building an ARF for a few hours counts as a project. I do not do much building from kits so most of what I have will look familiar.

Planes in the photos are as follows:

--House of Balsa Pitts S2A (my baby)-hope to have it mostly finished by christmas. Has a power 32 up front,

--" " Pattern plane. Large and with very nice construction and flies pretty well on a power 15. Only have about 3 flights on it so far over six months time so I need to get to flying it or get rid of it.

--Brio 10 with a power 10. One of my favorites for sure. E-flite hit the nail on the head with dropping the CF gear for the aluminum.

--Riot 3D. Has a LS de novo on the front. Fun to fly and does the best high alpha maneuvers but that is offset by some pretty serious rudder coupling.

--Fliton Mini Extra 330 (I have a weakness for extra's and pitts and this is one of four I have had so far) Original gear wore out so I upgrade it with the CF gear from the mini katana. A20-20L up front

--Mini funtana...yes..I still fly mine and enjoy it quite a bit. It is quite 3D capable with a park 480 and 20C 1300's. Has upgrade aluminum gear from MS

--Hobbico Extra 300 ASAP...The one plane I always wanted as a kid. I remeber drooling over it during the early/mid 90's in the tower catalog. Has not flown yet, but has TP 3520-(6 turn I think)

--MUS...need I say more? Everyone should have one. Best windy day flier there is.