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Posted by skye8070 | Feb 17, 2013 @ 06:40 PM | 7,423 Views
I've kind of challenged myself here because in addition to starting an MM Glidertech Oculus, I also have on the bench a rebuild of a "basket case" E Spread Tow Aspire. Because I started the Oculus first and I think it'll take much longer to put together I'm focusing all the grinding, cutting, sanding time on that plane. For the Aspire I'm still in what you might call the contemplative phase of the project.

If we're keeping score or taking stock or something as of Feb 17th Mar 17th here's the progress on each plane:

Center Wing section 80% complete
Outer Wing sections 90% complete
Tip Wing sections 90% complete
Fuse not started
Rudder not started
Flying Stab not started

Damaged Right Wing Tip: Foam 95% sanded, one more pass of finish epoxy and micro balloons on some slightly loose areas.
Lightly Damaged Center Panel: Contemplative Phase
Damaged Fuselage: The main break is now done, the nose needs some reinforcement
Servos bought are Airtronics 761s for flaps, elevator, rudder, 809s for ailerons, hardware acquired and drive system is basically in place but I'll need a matched spinner from Kennedy.